Pour plus de détails sur l'utilisation des armes katas, consultez la page des arts martiaux.

About Monoblades

You can change the blades/points of spiked (like Sai) or edged martial arts weapons to "monomolecular crystal" (a cheap version of the material used in Mono-Two blades). This adds 1D6 to the damage (ex : 2D6+2 becomes 3D6+2), and soft armors are 1/3 SP; hard armors are 2/3 SP.

There are two disadvantages : when you attempt a Parry with a monoblade, roll a D10. On a 4 or less, the blade breaks. The blade always breaks on a fumble or critical failure. The second disadvantage is that it's incredibly expensive : multiply weapon cost x5.

Melee Weapon Quality

Melee weapons are assumed to be of standard quality, however you can upgrade or degrade the quality. Certain weapons, especially improvised ones such as most glass bottles have a quality rating of zero and break upon impact.

Melee Weapon Additional Rules & Options

All hafted weapons can also do damage as a Hanbo or Bo, depending on length.
You can throw any weapon, but throwing any bladed weapon not specifically designed for it results in a -5 to hit.
Many weapons can be used to entangle, hook swords, tonfa, jitte's, whips, chains... even a towel. Weapons such as these provide a +1 to Grapple, Hold and Choke checks.

Jagged, spiky edges add +2 to damage of bladed weapons, cost an extra 20% of weapon cost.
For every 50 years of age of the weapon, add 100 eb to the price.
If the weapon was created by a known blacksmith, add 1000 eb to price, and improve weapon quality by one rank. You can do this up till you achieve Masterwork quality.
Spikes add +2 to damage of any bludgeon weapon.
A knuckle guard (25 eb) or handbasket (50 eb, SP 6) can be added to any melee weapon, protecting the hand and allowing for 1D3 bludgeon damage.
You can add 10% extra weight to the end of a weapon for an additional 20% of the weapon cost. This gives an additional 1 point of damage for every weight increase up to a maximum of 5.
Custom engraving, precious metal inlay, gem setting and special material handles (such as bone or ivory) are possible, at a steep fee (determined by GM).

Strike Weapons Descriptions

Ref.NameTypeStyleWAAvail.Con.DamageRel.RangeCost (eb)
Baseball Bat+1CL2D6-1VR1m20
Bastard SwordStrikeSilver's Method0PN3D6*VR1m550
CYBBattle Axe-1RN2D6+3*VR2m100
Beer Bottle, broken-1EP1D3+1*UR1m0
SweepAnimal Kung Fu
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
Bowie Knife0CJ1D6+3*VR1m65
CYB21ClaymoreStrikeSilver's Method-1RN3D6+2*VR1m600
Jeet Kune Do
PRSCombat KnifeStrikeSambo+1PJ1D6+3*VR1m70
PRSDaoStrikeAnimal Kung Fu-2PN3D6+3*VR1m250
NEOEntrenching Tool0CL2D6VR1m50
P&SExcalibur Nightstick0PJ2D6+3VR1m80
P&SExcalibur Nightstick (Mace)0PJGasST1m100
P&SExcalibur Nightstick (Taser)0PJStunST1m130
SweepAnimal Kung Fu
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
PRSHudie Shuang DaoStrikeAnimal Kung Fu0CL1D6*VR1m45
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
Hunting Knife0CJ1D6+1*VR1m35
CHR2IMI ChainknifeStrikeSambo0PJ2D6+1*VR1m120
PRSJiStrikeAnimal Kung Fu-1PN3D6 / 2D6*VR2m100
SweepChoy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
PRSJianStrikeChoy Li Fut0CL2D5*VR1m150
Tai Chi Chuan
PRSJiu Jie BianStrikeAnimal Kung Fu-2PL3D6VR2m120
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
Katana, cheap0CN2D6+1*VR1m100
CHR1Kendachi M-33 PowerswordStrikeNinjutsu0RL4D6#ST1m860
CHR1Kendachi Mono-Two (long)StrikeNinjutsu+1RN4D6#VR1m700
CHR1Kendachi Mono-Two (short)StrikeNinjutsu+1PJ2D6#VR1m650
CYBKendachi MonoKatana+1RN4D6#VR1m600
CYBKendachi MonoKnife+1PN2D6#VR1m200
Kendachi MonoNaginata0RN4D6#VR2m700
SOF2Kendachi Monosword Cane+1PL3D6#VR1m255
CHR2Kendachi MonoWhipStrikeAnimal Kung Fu0PJ2D6ST3m350
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
CHR2Kendachi MonoWireStrikeSambo0RP3D6#VR1m60/m
PRSKusari-GamaStrikeNinjutsu-1CL3D6 / 2D6*VR2m100
Lead Pipe-1CJ1D6+2VR1m5
Leather Whip0CJ1D6VR3m50
PRSLu Jiao DaoStrikeAnimal Kung Fu-1PJ1D6+3 / 1D3*VR1m25
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
Lumberman's Axe-1CN2D6+1*VR1m20
PRSManriki GusariStrikeNinjutsu0PJ2D6+3VR1m30
CYBNunchakuStrikeAnimal Kung Fu0CL3D6VR1m15
SweepChoy Li Fut
Jeet Kune Do
Tai Chi Chuan
Pen Knife-1EP1D2*VR1m5
Pool Cue-1CN1D3+2VR2m60
Portable Drill, industrial-4CN3D6*ST1m190
Portable Drill, personal-3CJ1D6+1*ST1m80
PRSQiangStrikeChoy Li Fut0PN3D6*VR2m95
SweepAnimal Kung Fu
Quarterstaff, homemade-1PN2D6VR2m10
PRSSan Jie GunStrikeAnimal Kung Fu0CN3D6+2VR2m50
SweepChoy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
Short Sword0PL2D6-1*VR1m190
Spiked Mace0PL2D6+2*VR1m250
SweepAnimal Kung Fu
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
PRSThree in SixStrikeAnimal Kung Fu0CN3D6+2VR2m150
SweepChoy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
CYBTonfaStrikeAnimal Kung Fu0CL2D6VR1m15
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan

* Blade AP.
# Monoblade AP.

Bo : this is like a Hanbo, but longer, about 180 cm long. A spear without a head. This is more popular than the Hanbo in the martial arts world. You can thrust like a spear, or swing it, or use it as a fulcrum for Chokes and Holds. It has a +2 Sweep Bonus. The Choke damage becomes 1D6+2.

Chainsaw : armures souples : -2 points par coup.

Claymore : épée à deux mains plutôt courte pour sa catégorie (~1,30m) mais assez intimidante. Elle ne peut être utilisée qu'à deux mains à moins que son porteur ne bénéficie d'une Constitution supérieure à 10 ou une Force supérieure à 7.

Club : (pipes, sticks, etc) these become very dangerous when martial artists use them for striking or for grappling. Using it as a fulcrum for a Hold or Choke increases the Choke damage to 1D6+2, just like the police do.

Combat Knife : a big knife with over 30 cm of blade, supplied to most armies. It can be used as a bayonet, for survival or many other things. It has an excellent edge, so it cuts better than the average knife. A good stab can go straight to the heart, or even through someone. Strictly a military weapon, so it's hard (but not impossible) for civilians to get.

Dao : this is a wide, curved sword, almost like a scimitar. Compared to other swords, however, the blade is as thin and sharp as a razor. Though it is difficult to handle, it wounds very deeply. It can take off an unarmored arm, leg or head rather easily.

Entrenching Tool : pelle, scie et hache en un outil.

Hanbo : this is an ordinary looking stick about 90 cm long. However, it's made of strong materials and is specially balanced. It is used for tripping, grappling, or as a fulcrum for Holds and Chokes. This has a +1 Sweep bonus (plus its +1 Acc, totals to +2 overall). The Choke damage becomes 1D6+1.

Hudie Shuang Dao : this looks like a broad-bladed dagger with a knuckle guard on the grip and a hook like a Jitte or Sai on the guard. You can Parry with them, and slide it down your foe's blade to slash his throat. These are also used in pair, with no penalty.

IMI Chainknife : mini-tronçonneuse à main, 2h d'utilisation. Armures divisées par 2, armures souples : -2 points / coup.

Ji : an 180 cm long, very thin spear with double crescent blades on opposing sides of the spearhead. It has many uses; thrust as a spear, parry and disarm with the crescent blade like a Sai, catch and draw the opponent's body towards you with the backhook and hit them with the grip... It's rather difficult to handle. This weapon has two types of damages, AP for spear thrusts (damage : 2D6) and regular for hitting them with the shaft (damage : 3D6). After Parrying, if you try to Disarm, the modifier is -4 together with accuracy (no penalty for size). During All-Out Parry, it's the same. Also, you can Sweep/Trip with the weapon with a +2 modifier (ignore accuracy).

Jian : a thin, long sword. The hand guard is smaller and the grip is short in proportion to the blade, for one-handed use only. The blade is as sharp as a katana. An expert will use two of these, swinging around until the blood of their enemy splatters.

Jitte : this is similar to a Sai, but the end isn't pointed, and it only has one hook. In Japan, from 1600-1867, this was used by police to capture criminals. You can Strike, Grapple, Hold, Choke or Disarm after a Parry. There is only a -1 penalty for this (don't add Weapon Accuracy). There is no penalty if you are in All-out Parry. Choke damage is 1D6+1. You can, of course, Strike without Parrying.

Jiu Jie Bian : (Nine Joint Whip) this has nine joints and a handle, like a chain whip. Swinging it and hitting a foe with the end weight is the normal mode of attack. There is no penalty for All-Out Dodge due to the strange way this moves. You can thrust with the end weight also, but it's not very sharp, so no AP damage.

Kendachi MonoWhip : this weapon is usable in two different ways. One is to wind it around an opponent like a garrote, another is to swing it like a whip. The style of martial arts is different depending on the type of attack : when used as a garrote, the style is Sambo; when used as a whip, the style is Animal Kung Fu, Choi Li Fut or Tai Chi Chuan. The whip is the most common use.

Kendachi MonoWire : this is a monomolecular wire that you use in traps, or cut cheese with... It's in a special bulb, which is also the handle. Used the same way as a Slice 'n Dice.

Kusari-Gama : this is a sickle with a weighted chain. You've probably seen them in Ninja vids. The basic idea is to tangle the foe's weapon with the chain, and cut them with the sickle. Of course, you can just hit them with the chain, or just swing the sickle. It has two types of damage, AP for the blade and normal for the weighted chain.

Lu Jiao Dao : this is a weird one. Two crescent-shaped blades combine in the middle to make an X with a circle in the center. You hold the center, so one side of the circle is the handle and the other side protects your hand. The combat method is similar to the Hudie Shuang Dao, and can be used in a pair with no penalty but it is more difficult to use because of its strange shape. You can slash with the blades or strike with the grip, so it has two types of damage.

Manriki Gusari : a one-meter long chain with a weight on each end. This weapon is used to parry a weapon and strike after, so if you take multiple actions after a successful Parry or All-out Parry, you only take a -2 penalty. You can also just strike by swinging and hitting with the weights, but this gives no special bonus. You can Strike, Grapple, Choke, or Disarm with this after a Parry, with no size penalty for weapon size. Choke damage is 1D6+2.

Nunchaku : two clubs held together with a short chain. Bruce Lee made this one famous. There is only a -2 penalty if you attack in the same round after a Parry. The same is true for All-Out Parry. There is a +1 bonus for Sweeps.

Qiang : a Chinese spear, but lighter and with better balance and speed than European spears. You can thrust or trip (+1 bonus).

Sai : this is little bigger than a dagger. It has no edge, but is for stabbing through, like a thick icepick. Two hooks above the grip make the handguard and are used for disarming an opponent. It is often used in pairs, as it is a short weapon, and can move quickly. The styles for this weapon take no Two-weapon penalty. After parrying (unless it breaks) you can try disarming in the same round. In that case, the Two-weapon Modifier is -2. This -2 disarming penalty is also effective during an All-Out Parry. There is no size penalty.

San Jie Gun : three clubs held together with short chains. Each club is longer than those used by Nunchaku, about 60 cm. Its total length is the same as a Bo. It is slower than Nunchaku because of its larger size, but it has more uses. The two joints let you fight as if you had two separate weapons in each hand, and if the foe is close, you can Parry with the middle club. You only get a -2 penalty for multiple actions. If your opponent is in All-Out Dodge, you get a -1 penalty to your attack, because of the whip-like action of this weapon. You get a Sweep bonus of +1.

SmartWhip : fouet interfacé pouvant se raidir.

Tessen : this looks like a simple folding fan, but is made of steel or iron. They never think it's a weapon at first glance, so you get a +3 surprise bonus to initiative the first round. There are special techniques for using it opened or closed, to Strike, Hold or Choke (1D6+2 damage). Also keeps you cool when it's really hot.

Three in Six : this is a mix of Bo and San Jie Gun. You can change its form from Bo (six mode) to San Jie Gun (three mode). You can take advantage of each weapon in each form. There is also a special attack. If you thrust it in Six mode and release the latch, it will snap into Three mode and the range will extend to 3m on that thrust.

Tonfa : this is a club in the shape of an L; the police use these as nightsticks. You only take -2 penalty for a multiple action after a successful Parry/All-Out Parry. Usable with only one or as a pair.

Cast Weapons Descriptions

These are all used with the Strike/Cast key attack, and are not for melee combat. It is important that you only add half your strength damage modifier (rounded up), except for the special cases. These weapons are poisonable and have no #Shots or ROF. You can throw as any as you have in a round, if you are willing to take the -3 penalty for each shot.

Ref.NameTypeStyleWAAvail.Con.DamageRel.RangeCost (eb)
Beer Bottle0EP1D3UR1-5
PRSHyoCastNinjutsu-2CP1D2 APST5
Nail Gun-2PN2D6*VR10m350
Recreational Dart0CP1VR5
CHR2Slamdance Inc. SpawnbladeStrikeSambo0PJ1D6*ST1m450
CHR2Spring Knife0CP1D6*ST5m125
Throwing Knife+1CP1D6-1*VR5
PRSZhi DanCastChoy Li Fut0EN1D3ST0
Tai Chi Chuan

* Blade AP.
# Monoblade AP.

Bo-Shuriken : a shuriken in the shape of a pencil or nail. It is more difficult to throw than the Juji-shuriken, but it wounds more deeply (like getting hit with a nail-gun).

Hira-Shuriken : the famous Ninja weapon; a cross or star shaped disk.

Hyo : this is a very small throwing weapon, shaped like two cones joined at the base, or a sharpened football. They are about the size of a small piece of candy and you can conceal REF/2 Hyo in your hand. Surprise attacks get +3 Initiative. The special throwing method gives this weapon the same effect as AP bullet, but with less damage.

Slamdance Inc. Spawnblade : couteau optimisé pour le lancer. Si l'attaque a infligé plus de 4 points de dégâts, la lame s'étend et inflige 1D6+3 points de plus. Retirer le couteau cause encore 1D6/2 points de dégâts. Précision : +1 en lancer.

Spring Knife : poignard à lame projetée.

Tetsubishi : a very small, sharp tetrapod, like the knot of spikes on barbed wire. These are smaller than shuriken, and are usually spread on the ground to slow pursuit. They must roll Athletics or Dodge & Escape vs. (# of Tetsubishi x2) Difficulty to avoid stepping on them. If they fail, they step on (Skill Check failure amount / 2) Tetsubishi. Roll damage, Armor SP is counted separatety for each Tetsubishi. These can also be Cast at the foe.

Zhi Dan : this is the name of a technique, not an actual weapon. You snap a small object with the thumb to give it high speed. Very effective for surprise attacks. Anything small and hard will do : coins, bullets, stones, etc. You add your full Body Damage Modifier, not just half.

Non-Strike Weapon Descriptions

These are weapons that are usually used with Punch or Kick. Many of these can be used with all styles, including Brawling.

Ref.NameTypeStyleWAAvail.Con.DamageRel.RangeCost (eb)
PRSBagn NakhsPunchAll+2PP1D2*VR1m15
CYBBrass KnucklesPunchAll0CP1D6+2VR1m10
CYB21Chainsaw Fists-2PL2D6*ST1m450
CYBGibson Battlegear SPM-1 BattleglovePunchAll-2PN3D6 / 2D6VR1m900
PRSGibson Battlegear SPM-2 Battleglove PlusPunchAll-1PN3D6 / 2D6*VR1m970
PRSLeg & Knee SpikesKickAll0CN1D6+3*ST1m20
PRSSpiked BootsKickAll0CN1D6+2*ST1m20
PRSSpiked CestusPunchAll0PP1D6*VR1m20
PRSSpiked Limb CoverChokeAikido1D6*200
Weighted-knuckle GlovesPunchAll0CP+1 dmgVR1m25

* Blade AP.
# Monoblade AP.

Ashiko : these are Shuko for the feet (Ashi means foot in Japanese) and are usually used with Shukos. These spikes are tied to the bottom of the feet and are hooked into trees and walls for +2 to Climb (total of +5 when used with Shuko).

Bagn Nakhs : (Tiger's Claws) a bar with rings at each end, and three spikes. You put your index and smallest fingers in the ring, and hold the bar in your palm. The spikes go between the fingers, to add extra damage to a Punch or Slap.

Brass Knuckles : self-explanatory. Hurts them and protect your hand.

Chainsaw Fists : c'est une sorte de "gros moufle cybernétique" composé d'un petit moteur thermique avec un réservoir de CHOOH suffisant pour 20 min d'utilisation, de 5 doigts grossiers qui permettent de saisir des objet avec sur le dessus une lame circulaire dépassant de 5 cm de son habitacle. Chaque poing tronçonneur pèse 6 kg (ce qui les réservent aux personnages les plus costauds) et le démarrage se fait en serrant les poings, plus l'utilisateur les referme, plus la lame tourne vite.

Gibson Battlegear SPM-2 Battleglove Plus : the new and improved Battleglove. The Armor is hardened to SP 15, with spiked knuckles (AP damage). Basic abilities are the same as the SPM-1 and has 3 cyberarm option slots.

Leg & Knee Spikes : this is a leg and knee protector (like baseball catchers wear) with spikes. It has SP 10 of hard armor and the spikes can increase kicking damage, with AP effect.

Shuko : this is originally a tool to climb trees and walls. It is two steel rings joined by a steel band. The hand is slid through the rings so you hold one ring, while the other ring and the band brace the wrist. The hand ring has spikes in the palm (+3 bonus for Climbing). You can't do much while wearing them; guns are right out ! As a weapon, it is used in open-hand slaps. If used for Parrying, it takes the damage, unless it breaks (SDP 10). The wrist guard impairs flexibility, thus the style restriction.

Spiked Boots : long boots with metal spikes. Soft armor of SP 5, and the spikes will have AP effects. These are cheaper, and easier to put on and remove than the Leg & Knee spikes.

Spiked Cestus : a spiked heavy iron plate, attached to the knuckles with cloth bandaging (or leather gloves). Very simple and very available. The spikes give it edge-weapon AP effects.

Spiked Limb Cover : this is a limb covering with rows of spikes (2 to 4 mm), like the Leg & Knee Spikes. When the limb is used for Grappling or Holding, there is an additional 1D6 of damage. If someone tries to Grapple or Hold the limb, the attacker receives damage. This is why spiked collars are so popular : they prevent choke holds, martial artists of the proper styles can use this to boost the Grapple/Hold/Choke key attacks and Damage. These can also be used for Ram key attack by Sumo artists (damage modifier x D6).
On a critical failure, the wearer does damage to himself. This option can be applied to MetalGear or BodyPlating, and on leather and armorjacks.


Ref.NameTypeStyleWAAvail.Con.DamageRel.RangeCost (eb)
CYBBig KnucksPunchAll1D6+2500
II1Dainamax GrapplefistStrikeNinjutsu1D6+21050
CYBHammer HandPunchAll1D10600
CHR1Mace HandPunchAll2D6+1 / 1D10-2300
CHR4NovelTech BigRippPunchAll2D6#1850
CYBRippers/ScratchersPunchKarate1D6+3 / 1D3*400/100
Koppo Jutsu
Tae Kwon Do
Animal Kung Fu
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
CYBSlice 'n DiceStrikeSambo2D6#700
CYBSpike HandPunchKarate1D6+3 AP500
Koppo Jutsu
Tae Kwon Do
Animal Kung Fu
Choy Li Fut
Tai Chi Chuan
CYBSpike Heel FootKickAll2D6 AP500
CYBStandard HandPunchAll1D3150
CYBTalon FootKickAll1D6 AP600

* Blade AP.
# Monoblade AP.

Cybersnake : cyberweapon, self-controlling.

Dainamax Grapplefist : this is an improved grapple hand. It's removable and is bound to the wrist with a 50m cable (cable SDP is 10). Wires in the cable allow free movement of the hand, i.e., grabbing, punching, etc. You can also use the fist as a martial art weapon (like the weight on a Kusari-gama).
You can shoot the fist with compressed air, magnetic fields or explosive bolts. Damage is 1D6+2 and Weapon Accuracy is -1. Martial Arts skill is not added to this damage. To damage the cable is an Average attack (15) if in Hitting Range, Very Difficult (25) if farther away. This cyberware takes 2 options spaces in the arm, for the hand, and the cable/reel system in the shoulder. The hand has boosted strength built in, making the Crushing damage 2D6+2.

Mace Hand : as a normal hand, it can be used by anyone, but only Ninjutsu gets Martial Arts bonuses for the morning star form.

NovelTech BigRipp : this is a 30 cm triangular blade of carbo-glass in the forearm. Meatlimbs have modifications for use (like Wolvers). It has a triangular cross-section for extra-strength and AP effect punches (when used with cyberlimbs only). Meatlimb placement doesn't give AP due to lack of bracing. Can be placed so the seam is either above or below the wrist. A variety of colors are available. The blade does 2D6 + cyberarm strength (1D6) + Martial Arts level.

Rippers/Scratchers : these are blades from under the fingermails (or replacing the fingernails). These cut on the bias (crossways), so Slaps or Knifehands are used, rather than closed-fist punches, like Boxing.

Slice 'n Dice : the damage of a Choke is 2D6 with mono-blade AP effects !

Spike Hand : palm spike extends thru fingers (thrust damages). It is so unique that it limits styles. It gives a +2 bonus to Climbing.

Spike Heel Foot : heel spike for climbing or lethal kicks.

Talon Foot : extends toes blades.