It all started in 1996, the first sheep was cloned, from that point on, BioWorks was there, pushing the limits of biological engineering. In 2012, their first creation walked out of the lab, the ultimate warrior, part human, part tiger. Their creation went crazy and several reporters were killed, many more were injured. It has been eight years since that fateful day, and now they are ready to reintroduce to the world what improvements they have made. Creatures made-to-order, anything will be possible they say.


In 2013, the federal courts made a ruling that these creatures "being made and not part of nature have no rights offered to them except for those predetermined by previous laws accorded to the treatment of animals".

Building the Perfect Beast

All constructs begin life as a human "blank", a preprogrammed body grown from stem cells, that the animal's DNA building blocks are added to.

The process starts when the client orders a construct. An administrative engineer walks through the process with the client describing each option that is available for the construct. From that phase the construct is designed in a laboratory by splicing the DNA strands together, weaving the traits desired into the new creation.

When the construct starts out the blank is almost human. It's through the manipulation of the genes that the animal characteristics begin to appear. Once the proper DNA cocktail has been mixed it is injected into the "blank", then the whole construct is placed in a large container called the "birthing vat" which is filled with amino acids, liquid proteins and other nutrients similar to those found in a mother's womb.

The entire process, once the details of the construct are ironed out, takes 5 days, however the construct doesn't reach maturity until a year later. After a month the construct can begin an accelerated training program, which will prepare it for its life outside of the lab. The resulting creatures end up with the abilities and instincts of the Animal, and the learning capabilities of the Human.

The Rules

  1. Since they are not quite human to begin with, any cybernetics cost double the H.L. (in other words, you are making an animal a human, then changing it into a machine).
  2. Since these creatures reach maturity in just over a year, they will also grow old faster, figure 7 years per 1 human.
  3. If "Player Character" is not working for a corp (or the person that purchased the PC), the background will have to reflect one of three things, escape, buy-out, or release of contract.
  4. Because of this, the background and starting equipment / ruro will be determined by the GM.
  5. Most of the animal types here (90%) will end up as solo material, usually ending up in some corporate war someplace. Other options include corporate espionage, assassination, scouting & security (see "Education/Training (Roles)" below).
  6. Each construct costs around 30,000 with "extraordinary" beings (PCs) costing 2 to 3 times that much.
  7. EMP is the most important stat of the construct, it is also the hardest to come by. Starting Characters pay double for their initial EMP stat (max of 5). This may be increased two ways : through therapy, they may increase it by +3. At the cost of BioPoints, the constructs EMP may be increased to a maximum of 10.
  8. All beings will be designed using BioPoints for game balance. Below are the costs associated with the various options available for vat grown beings : each character begins with 30 BioPoints.

Some Assembly Required

Natural Weapons
Claws31D62D6 damage
Retractable11D6Felines only
AP2As per knife
Hooves21D6Kick does 2D6+2 (horses, cattle, moose, deer, etc). Note : if used in conjunction with Digitgrade Legs, add +2 Damage
AP1As per knife, bull and buffalo types only
Quills24D63D6 AP (as per knife). Not practical for a humanoid (hedgehog, porcupine)
Scent Pouch22D6Causes irritation, victims are -4 REF and -4 COOL (skunks, opossums, ferrets)
AP2As per knife, carnivores and rodents only
AP1As per knife
Natural Abilities
For the Enhanced Stats, use common sense, you won't be seeing a weasel with a +5 strength any more than you would see a sloth with a +5 speed. Each cost is for one point (+5 max).

Accelerated Metabolism32D6+2 Initiative and Awareness notice, found in weasels, ferrets and other rodents. There two built in disadvantages with this ability, the construct is extremely hyper and it is always hungry, eating twice as much as a normal person
Advanced Healing11D6/2Construct can recover one additional point of damage extra per 6-hour period, found in felines (except tigers), by purring
Camouflage11The constructs natural colorations allow them to hide in natural surroundings, giving it a +2 to hide/evade
Climbing1Adds a +2 to climbing skill (felines, rodents, bears)
Digging2At the rate of BODY/2 in feet per minute, requires claws, dirt only (canines, moles, badgers, etc)
Digitgrade Legs52D6Basically the animal's "natural" legs, with tail +1 MA, without tail, -2 MA, -1 REF
Enhanced Senses, Hearing2+2 Awareness/Notice using auditory clues
Enhanced Senses, Keen Sight2+2 Awareness/Notice rolls
Enhanced Senses, Night Vision2See in near total darkness
Enhanced Senses, Smell2+2 Awareness/Notice using smell
Tracking Smell2+3 to Tracking skill
Enhanced Senses, Touch1+2 Awareness/Notice using touch
Enhanced Senses, Ultrasonic Hearing1Hear beyond the normal human range
Echolocation2By emitting sounds the construct is able to navigate in total darkness. Found in bats, rats and dolphins
Enhanced Stats, Humanity2+1 EMP
Enhanced Stats, Reflexes31D6/2+1 REF
Enhanced Stats, Speed11D6/2+1 MA
Enhanced Stats, Strength31D6/2+1 BODY
Fear Factor11D6/2+2 to Intimidate skill
Flight31D6+3Found only in bats, large set of wings (wingspan = 3.5 x the height of the construct) is attached to the arms and the back. The construct will not be able to wear normal shirts. Note : because of the way the wings are built, nothing can be carried in the hands of the construct while flying. Other equipment must be kept to a minimum
Frame, Large31D6+2Found in bears, horses, and other large animals (over 225 kg), increase BODY by 2, weight & height by 25% (min height 2.1m) and Endurance by 2, decrease REF by 2
Frame, Small31D6+2Found in housecats, rodents and other small animals (under 35 kg), decrease BODY by 2, weight & height by 25% (max height 1.5m), increase REF by 2 and Hide/Evade by 2
Fur11D6SP 4 (like leather, most animals)
Glide21D6A thin membrane stretches from the hands, down the side of the body down the legs to the feet. In order to use this ability the construct will have to wear a special body suit that connects over the shoulder and at the crotch as the sides cannot obstruct the membrane. Found in various "flying" animals like squirrels and lemurs (see note under Flight)
Hold Breath21D6/2Ability to take in a large amount of air and hold it for an extended amount of time [COOL x 1 minute] (otters, beavers and other water dwelling mammals)
Jumping2Doubles the normal jump stat, triple if used in conjunction with digitgrade legs (kangaroos, rabbits, squirrels, felines, deer, possibly others)
Light Natural Body Armor21D6SP 9 (rhinos, elephants, armadillos)
Lithe31D6/2The construct movements are very fluid and flexible. Found in smaller cats, and some rodents. +2 to Athletics, Acrobatics and Martial Arts, takes 1D6 less damage from falls
Reinforced Skull21D6/2Adds +4 SP armor in head, allows horns to be AP vs. Hard Armor if used in a ram attack, also adds 2 points of damage in ram attack (horned creatures only)
Sprint11D6/2With this ability the construct may run at a height end rate of speed in a relatively straight path (i.e. no sharp turns) for a short amount of time. Double the constructs Run attribute for a duration equal to the characters endurance skill
Stalk2+2 to stealth based rolls (felines and other predators)
Tail11D6Will act as a counter balance on certain animal types, like felines, monkeys and rodents, which will give a +2 on Athletics concerning balance (note : select either this option or the feral tail below, not both)
Prehensile1Use as partial hand (monkeys, opossums and some rodents)
Toxin Resistance1The constructs body is resilient to most forms of toxins, giving them a +2 to resist poisons. Found in rats, opossums and goats (note : see Bestial Disadvantage, Diet : Scavenger)
Webbed Feet21D6Found in aquatic based constructs, the construct is able to maneuver through water better than their human counterparts, adds +2 Swimming
Whiskers21Detect vibrations, +2 Awareness/Notice (felines & rodents only)

Bestial Disadvantages

There is a way to acquire more BioPoints to build your construct, which is by adding in bestial disadvantages. These disdavantages are traded off one-for-one with BioPoints. They can be physical and/or psychological but there is usually a price to be paid for these disadvantages however in terms of Humanity Loss. Abilities minus disadvantages cannot total more the 30 points.

Bestial Looks & Physical Quirks
Animal Appearance21D6+2Construct looks like a humanoid version of the creature it was modeled after (this option is available with no bonus points and with no humanity loss if player desires, especially in a cyberpunk world with body sculpting)
Antler Shed1Found in deer & elk. In the late winter the constructs antlers fall off, they start to re-grow in the spring
Bestial Speech21D6+3The vocal chords were not developed and the character suffers from speaking with growling, barking, meowing, or whatever is appropriate for the originating species. Character will suffer a -2 on all social skills
Colorblind11D6/2Character only sees in shades of grey, -2 to awareness notice in situations where color is important. "Press the RED button !"
Feral Tail11D6The character's tail is not under its conscious control. When not concentrating on its movement, the tail seems to have a mind of its own, getting in the way and wagging or twitching, and knocking things over (note : select either this option or the tail above, not both)
No Fine Manipulation21D6Construct has fingers and an opposable thumb, but because of the physical makeup of his hands intricate work is not possible, usually used in conjunction with claws (cannot be combined with Paws/No Opposable Thumbs)
No Speech42D6Construct can only communicate via growls, barks, whimpers or whatever is appropriate for the originating species. Character will suffer a -4 on all social skills and on all communication skills
Paws/No Opposable Thumbs42D6The constructs original paws were not modified; will have difficulty grasping anything that would normally require hands. Normally reserved for creations that will use their own natural weaponry (cannot be combined with No Fine Manipulation)
Quadruped/Not Bipedal42D6The construct cannot function well on two feet; MA is divided by 4, and REF divided by 2 when character attempts to move while relying solely on his hind feet
Scent Dependant11D6/2One sense overpowers the rest. The creature uses one above the rest (either scent or hearing, as opposed to the human tendency to use sight). Character is -2 Awareness/Notice using "other senses"
Bestial Behavior & Mental Quirks
Alpha Mentality11D6/2You always follow the chain of command
Animal Socialism11D6You can't figure out those Human Styles. You lick faces instead of kissing, etc. -2 on social skills
Bloodlust21D6In a combat situation, the character's primal instinct comes to bear and the character will not stop fighting his opponent till it is dead or is pulled off
Call of the Wild11D6/2The jungle/forest calls to you. If you ever leave the concrete jungle, it's hard to get away from the wide-open spaces of your genetic forefathers !
Diet, Carnivore11D6Character will only eat meat, and requires it to remain healthy. Found in felines and canines
Diet, Herbivore11D6/2Like above, but will only eat fruits and vegetables, meat products will make character ill. Found in cattle and deer
Diet, Insectivore11D6+1Eats bugs... Lots and lots of bugs. At least your friends won't have cockroach problems any longer. Commonly found in rodents
Diet, Scavenger11D6+1Have no qualms about eating carrion and road kill. Commonly found in opossums and most rodents
Gun-shy11D6/2Loud noises scare you. This can be anything from a gunshot & firecrackers to thunder
Hunter11D6The predator's instincts come into play here, the character is not happy unless he is tracking something down
Nocturnal11D6/2"Work all night, sleep all day". Besides the obvious scheduling problems, the character is -2 awareness notice/initiative during the day
Pack Mentality11D6Works best in a group, if found alone in a situation character will become disoriented, -2 to all skills, usually found in canine or herd animals
Prey Species21D6/2You're always worried about being hunted. In firefights you must make a COOL check or try and find the safest place possible and won't take positions unless they are under cover


There are three basic "forms" a construct can take : Animal, Beast-Man and Human.

Even if the construct has no apparent physical differences from its human counterparts, like claws or horns, certain genetic traits common with the base animal will still show through.

Currently, the constructs being manufactured are not of mixed types, this is being tested at the moment. Because of the physiological make up of the constructs, Avians, Reptiles and Amphibians are not possible.

Education/Training (Roles)

Because of their corporate origins, most BioWorks creations are be built to benefit the corporation that ordered it in some major capacity. Listed below is a list of Roles that offer the best fit in a corperate atmosphere.

Security/Front Line Espionage Deep Space/Hard Labor Playbeings/Entertainment

Example Constructs

Canine, Wolf

Claws : 2D6 damage
Teeth : 1D6 damage
Digitgrade Legs
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Smell
Night Vision
Ultrasonic Hearing
+3 EMP
+3 MA
Feral Tail
Diet, Carnivore
Pack Mentality

BioPoint cost : 35-5 = 30
Humanity Loss : 36.5 (average)
Final stat adjustment : MA +4, Body +2, EMP +4

Rodent, Ferret

Teeth : 1D6 AP damage
Accelerated Metabolism
Frame, Small
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Smell
Night Vision
+2 EMP
+3 REF
+2 MA
Animal Appearance
Quadruped/Not Bipedal

BioPoint cost : 38-8 = 30
Humanity Loss : 29 (average)
Final stat adjustment : REF +5, Body -2, EMP +2

Feline, Domestic Housecat (complete human looks)

Advanced Healing
Enhanced Hearing
Night Vision
+2 MA
+5 REF
+2 EMP

BioPoint cost : 32-2 = 30
Humanity Loss: 28 (average)
Final stat adjustment : REF +5, MA +2, EMP +2

Bovine (Bull)

Hooves : 2D6+4 damage
Horns : 2D6 AP damage
Digitgrade Legs
Frame, Large
Reinforced Skull
+2 MA
Diet, Herbivore
No Fine Manipulation
Feral Tail

BioPoint cost : 34-4 = 30
Humanity Loss : 51 (average)
Final stat adjustment : BODY +7, REF -2, MA +2

Note : this character has no humanity left, his base instincts have taken over.