Terms origin

Aq.AquaPunk GoGangMotorcycle gang NetNetrunner
Aus.Australian Hng.Hungarian Rig.Rigger
Brit.British HRHighrider Rock.Rocker
Chi.Chinese Jap.Japanese Rus.Russian
CorpCorporate Kor.Korean SoloSolo
Cov.Covert Ops (Mil/Gov/Corp) LEOLaw Enforcement Organization personnel Spn.Spanish
Crim.Criminal/underworld Med.Medical or MedTech term or TechMechanic/Engineer
FixerFixer MediaNewscaster/Journalist Thr.Thrasher
GangStreet gang Mex.Mexican Viet.Vietnamese
Ger.German Mil.Military Vul.Vulgar


A Team (Mil.) : A small (10-12 men) team of elite troops (Green Berets, Special Forces, etc...) used for advanced missions.

A-Boys : A type of boostergang whose motif is a specific animal.

Absolver : A person who liberates others from their SINs, aka a Shoemaker.

Ace : 1) An expert in the field. 2) Friend, buddy, pal.

Ace of Spades (Solo) : Solo term for death in combat. To "draw the ace" is to die in battle. "Drawing the ace" is a short-hand expression with the same meaning.

Aces : The very best.

ACIFS (Net) : ("AY-sifs") Decker shorthand used to rate or describe a host system's capabilities. From, "Access, Control, Index, Files and Slave".

ACLS (Med.) : Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

ACPA (Mil.) : Assisted Combat Powered Armor, Landmate.

Aesthetics : Simple cosmetic surgery.

AFIS (LEO) : Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

Agriplex : An agglomeration of farms with one central management complex.

AI : Artificial Intelligence. A computer or network-based entity, originally designed to solve complex problems, that has achieved self-awareness. Usually under the control of a megacorp, but not always (see Rogue).

Air Guitar (Solo) : The act of firing an assault rifle from the hip and, usually, not hitting a single intended target.

Air Rappel : The act of dropping a long (usually fatal) distance without the benefit of a rappeling rope and harness.

Airfilm : Shorthand term for an narrow air-cushion train.

Alfa (Aq.) : Anything fast-moving, esp. vehicles.

Alien : Derogatory grounder term for someone who lives in space (a highrider).

Alpha Bravo (Mil.) : Ambush.

Alpha Geek : The most knowledgeable, technically proficient person in an office or work group (eg. "Ask Larry, he's the alpha geek around here").

ALS (Med.) : Advanced Life Support.

Aluminum Rain (Rig.) : Debris that falls from the sky whenever an aircraft explodes or collides with another aircraft.

AMF (Vul.) : Good-bye, typically derogatory. From the acronym "Adios, Mother-Fragger".

Amped Out : Fatigue after being under the influence of amphetamines and certain combat drugs.

Angel : A benefactor, especially an unknown one.

Angry Fruit Salad (Net) : An interface with too many colors.

AniMan, AniMen : Derogatory term for a body sculpted individual who resembles an animal form.

Ant Farm : Huge multiscreen theater complexes with glass facades, often found near American malls. Also called gigaplexes.

AO (Mil.) : 1) The specific location of a shadowrun. 2) Any piece of enemy territory. Lit. "Area of Operation".

APC (Mil.) : An abbreviation for an Armored Personnel Carrier, eg. an Ares Citymaster or LAV-93 "Devil Rat".

Apogee : The best or the greatest.

Apter : Pronunciation of the acronym APTR (Augmented Program Trained Reflex). This type of chip provides new reflex-based skills for the user (syn. : skillsoft or reflex chip).

Aquaman : A full conversion cyborg designed for aquatic operations (eg. Dynalar's Aquarius).

Arc Light (Mil.) : Originally the code name for B-52 bombers strikes along the Cambodian-Vietnamese border during the Vietnam war, now a reference to any operation involving massive amounts of high explosive and general destruction over a wide area. The original operations shook the earth up to ten miles away from the target area.

Arc, Arco : An arcology. A self-contained living environment, usually pyramidal or domed. May belong to a corporation, government agency or non-profit organization. From arcology, eg. the Renraku Pyramid in Seattle.

Arcology : A self-contained or self-sufficient habitat or community, such as the Renraku Pyramid in Seattle. Lit. ark + ology.

Arctic : The state of being extremely cool or hip.

Artist : (either "ART-ist" or "ar-TEE-st") An extremely professional hit-man, who usually has a signature.

Arty (Mil.) : Artillery.

ASCWINWOTYTSD : ("ask-Win-WHAT-it-said") Lit. "A Sucking Chest Wound is Nature's Way Of Telling You To Slow Down".

ASIST : Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology, the industry name for simsense.

Attoparsec (Net) : About 3.1 centimeters.

AV (Mil.) : Pronounced "Aie-Vee", shorthand term for a variety of hover-vans and aerodynes.

Avatar : Decker slang for a personal Matrix icon. Also called, a persona.

Avatar Construction Set : The trade-name for Microdeck's popular, off-the-shelf, custom icon design kit.

Axe (Rock.) : An electric or SynthGuitar.


B&E (LEO) : Lit. "breaking and entering", as practiced daily by numerous shadowrunners worldwide.

BA : Pronounced "Bee-Aye". 1) A street slang term meaning "Bad-Ass"; 2) A corporate abbreviation for a "Black Agent".

Ba (Viet.) : Vietnamese married woman; used as a title, like "Mrs".

Bac bac (Viet.) : Bastardized Vietnamese for "To shoot".

Bac-si : Vietnamese for "Doctor"; also used to refer to medic in the U.S. Army.

Back Door (Net) : A hole in a systems security, that when properly utilized, grants an unauthorized user easy access.

Back to the Taxpayers (Rig.) : Where you send a wrecked aircraft/vehicle.

Bacon-in-the-Pan (Thr.) : When you wipe out badly on a ramp and slide back down to the bottom.

Bactory (Med.) : Bacteria Factory. Commercial use of gene-tailored bacteria to produce some substance/material (Insulin, Kevlar, etc...) cheaply and in large quantity.

Badge : Street slang for police officers or corporate security agents. Often used derogatorily.

Baf : To lightly strike someone else in a playful manner.

Bag and Tag : To die or to be killed; adj. bagged and tagged.

Bag Job : Any shadowrun involving surreptitious entry, usually to copy or remove material. See, B&E and extraction.

Bag of Tricks : 1) Decker slang for an illegal cyberdeck. 2) Street slang for fetishes & focus items.

Bagman : Street slang for a criminal courier.

Bail : To depart with alacrity.

Baka (Jap.) : Stupid. Pointing at someone and saying "baka" is like telling them they're an idiot.

Bakebrain : General purpose derogatory term indicating someone with limited or damage mental faculties (frequently due to excessive use of neural cyberware). (syn. : asshole, idiot, jerk, moron).

Ballast (Aq.) : Something of particular importance, as in "That is serious ballast".

Baller : A gang drug dealer.

Ballerina : A reflex boosted female assassin in the employ of a major corp.

Ballistic Counselling : To adjust the attitude of a malcontent who is within range through the use of a firearm or other projectile launcher.

Bambi (Media) : What game- and talk-show staffers call someone who freezes in front of the camera (like a deer caught in headlights).

Bamf : From old X-Men comics, a notional sound made by a person/object teleporting into or out of the vicinity. Often used to refer to a dramatic entrance or exit. (eg. "Let's bamf outta here !")

Bang a Left/Right (GoGang) : Make a sudden left or right turn, usually while driving.

Banger : Any one of the four, standard, offensive positions on an urban brawl team.

Banging (Brit.) : Outstanding, excellent. ("That was simply banging, old term !")

Bare Metal (Net) : A computer with no programs, not even an OS. Also, what you reach after circumventing the most basic programs on a computer.

Bark at the Ants/Cockroaches/etc : To vomit.

Base (Net) : Decker shorthand for a database.

BB : Either "Big Brother" or "Boys in Black".

BCI : Bio-Computer Interface. See DNI.

BD : 1) Lit. A "BreakDown", eg. a mental BD or a communications BD. 2) Of or relating to something in a serious state of disrepair. From, "Broken Down".

Beaded Up (Rig.) : Worried or excited.

Beaker : A scientist or researcher. Usually derogatory.

Beam (Net) : To transfer your apparent location or the apparent location of something else, without moving you (or it) through the intervening space.

Beehive [Round/Shell] (Mil.) : An explosive artillery shell which delivers thousands of small, directed flechettes instead of shrapnel. Also known as "Cannister Shot" or "APERS" (Anti-PERSonnel) rounds.

Beetle : A BTL simsense chip or recording. From the acronym, "Better Than Life".

Beige Toaster (Net) : A computer and monitor in one combination unit. Heavy and ugly.

Bells & Whistles (Net) : Useless add-ons.

Benji : A robot guard dog (cf. electrocur).

Bennie : Of or pertaining to anyone/thing from out-of-town (see Gaijin).

Berserkide : Any combat drug, particularly Black Lace (syn. : freakers).

Beta Software (Net) : Software that hasn't been fully tested for use. Usually not very reliable.

Betty (Thr.) : A skater chick, female thrasher.

Bic (Viet.) : I understand. See No Bic.

Biff (Vul.) : The modern equivalent of the archaic term, "bimbo".

Big (color) Wall (Net) : Any set of instruction manuals so large they take up more than ten feet of shelf space.

Big Dive (Aq.) : To exceed maximum safe dive depth.

Big Iron : 1) Large, heavy, fast mainframe computers. 2) Street slang for heavy duty weapons or vehicles. From, iron.

Big Red Switch (Net) : Originally the emergency shut off switch for a mainframe, now refers to any switch that shuts off an entire system.

Big Room, the (Net) : Hacker-speak for the outdoors. You know. It's that place with a blue (well, OK, grey) ceiling you see if you go outside during the day and look up.

Bingo Fuel (Rig.) : The point at which your vehicle has only enough fuel left to return to base.

Bio-break (Tech) : Euphemism for using the toilet.

Bioroid : 1) A full-body conversion cyborg. 2) A genetically engineered humanoid-like organism that are superior in overall biology, but feature intentionally suppressed emotional capabilities generally for the purpose of enslavement.

Biosoft : 1) Cybernetic software chips that incorporate biological components in their construction. Thought to be superior in performance to purely artificial chips. 2) Generic term for any cyber-data chip which plugs into a neural processor to provide new skills or knowledge (also known as microsofts and skillsofts).

Biosystem Overstress : The often fatal, heart attack-like condition, caused by excessive bioware implantation.

Bioware : Any biological enhancement or replacement. See wetware.

Bit Jockey : Programmer.

Bit-brain (Net) : Decker slang for anyone of seemingly low intelligence (eg. a brain with only one neuron, on or off).

Bit-flip (Net) : A 180-degree change in behavior or personality.

Bithead : Slang for a decker or "nerdy" computer enthusiast (cf. wirehead 1).

Biting Angle (Mil.) : Angle at which a projectile (usually a bullet) stikes a target, as it affects optimal penetration (an ideal angle is perpendicular to the surface of the impact site). Snipers may not take shots when the biting angle is poor, as the chances of successful penetration are low and ricochet are high.

Bitmap : A piece of software spelled out in binary.

Bitslag (Net) : All the useless rubble on the Net one has to plow through to get to the rich information ore.

Bitty Box : A primitive, underpowered or generally useless computer or other electronic device.

Biz : Street slang for crime. From, "business".

Black Agent (Corp) : An illegal operative.

Black Clinic : A medical facility which specializes in the implant of illegal or unregistered cyberware.

Black Ice : Illegal countermeasure software which causes physical harm or death to an intruder (see Ice).

Black Ops : Any unofficial, corporate shadow-operations, either in-house or hired-out. From, black operations.

Black Snake (Thr.) : Tar lines on the street.

Black, Big Black (HR) : A slang term for space. The final frontier. Where no man... well, you get the idea.

Blackfish (Aq.) : Any Black Ops member.

Blade (Mil.) : 1) A professional soldier or fighter, specializing in edged weapons. 2) Street slang for a surgeon or doctor.

Blank : An individual without a SIN.

Blanket Party : Throwing a blanket over someone's head before kicking their ass so they can't identify you later.

Blaster : The single, LMG-carrying, offensive position on an urban brawl team.

Bleed : To attack, injure or kill.

Blink, blink ? (Corp) : A general expression of confusion.

Blinkers : Street slang for eyes, as in, "Screw with me again and I'll pop your blinkers".

Bloc (Corp) : A cartel composed of Orbital concerns with similar capabilities and interests, ie., an Aerospace Bloc, a Pharmaceutical Bloc, etc.

Blood Money : Income from the illegal sale of organs to a body bank.

Blower (Rig.) : Afterburner.

Blowing Code (Net) : A hacker term for inputing or uploading information.

Blowing your Buffer : Losing one's train of thought. Occurs when the person you're speaking with won't let you get a word in edgewise or has just said something so astonishing that your train of thought gets derailed. "Damn, I just blew my buffer !"

Blown Mind (Med.) : Gunshot wound to the head.

BLS (Med.) : Basic Life Support.

Blue Load (Mil.) : Practice ammo.

Blue Moon : An honest police officer.

Blue Smoke (Net) : The mythical stuff that makes ICs work. If released from the chip, it stops working.

Blue-on-Blue (Mil.) : Friendly fire casualties.

Boa (Net) : From "Boa Constrictor", a really thick cable that seems to have a life of its own, especially when you try to uncoil it.

Boat (Aq.) : Any underwater vehicle.

Boat Anchor (Net) : A really heavy piece of dead or useless hardware.

Bod : Of or relating to a body, usually ones own.

Body Bank : Any chop-shop specializing in storing, buying, selling, installing, or (often, forcibly) removing organic or cybernetic body parts. Many are illegal and actively "recruit" new merchandise.

Body Nazis : Hard-core exercise and weight-lifting fanatics who look down on anyone who doesn't work obsessively.

Body Sculpt : The process of having the body totally re-molded by vat-grown tissue & advanced plastic surgery.

Body-Swap : Change a Biopod between full-conversion bodies.

Bombshell (Mil.) : To run, specifically in order to evacuate an area quickly, as in "Just before the heat came down, we bombshelled outta there !"

Boo-coo (Mil.) : Bastardized French, from "Beaucoup", meaning "much" or "many".

Boom-boom (Mil.) : To have sex.

Boomer : 1) Gun, weapon (eg. : "Drop the boomer now !"). 2) A full conversion borg; the term is often used to refer to those borgs near or completely cyberpsycho.

Booming (Rig.) : 1) Loud, raucous partying ("we were booming last night"); 2) Fast, exciting flying ("we went booming through the Grand Canyon").

Booster : 1) Any gang member who displays a strong affinity for cyberware. 2) Gang member that uses cyberware, leathers, and violence as a way of life.

Boostergang : A gang that uses cyberware, leathers, and violence as a way of life.

Bopper : A robot.

Bordeaux (Med.) : Urine with blood in it.

Border Rats (LEO) : DEA and/or Customs agents who work the U.S./Mexico border.

Borg : See Bioroid.

Borged : Excessive use of cybernetic body modifications.

Bosozoku (Jap.) : Motorcycle and hot-rod gangs, a prime source of Yakuza recruits.

Bot (Net) : Small programs designed to perform automated tasks in the net, and generally act as meat surrogates. 'Bots can be beneficial or malicious.

Bottom Feeder : A low life, one who has yet to achieve, a "wannabe", a social outcast.

Bount : A bounty hunter.

Bourgie, Bourgy : Common or low-class (from bourgeoisie).

Box, the (Brit.) : The ThreeVee or computer.

Boys in Black : Any corporate or governmental security personnel or agents.

BP (Med.) : Blood Pressure.

Brain Dump (Net) : From core dump, to tell someone everything you know.

Brain Housing Group (Rig.) : Mock-technical term for the skull.

Brain Potato : A Braindance addict.

Brain Tap : A datajack or a chipjack.

Brain-Swap : 1) Undergo full-body conversion. 2. See Body-Swap (most often used in this manner by unaugmented humans).

Braindance : A generic term for simsense.

Brandy : A highly popular, off-the-shelf, female avatar, with customizable body attributes & facial expressions.

Breetva (Rus.) : Lit. "razor". Of or relating to anyone with combat-oriented cyberware.

Bridge & Tunnel Crowd : Street slang for commuters.

Brill (Brit.) : Brilliant (frequently used sarcastically).

Bronze : Slang (usually derogative) term for law enforcement officials.

Brother : See BB.

Brownbaggers : Derogatory street term for homeless alcoholics, constantly seen carrying their bottles of cheap booze wrapped in brown paper bags.

Bruce : Pronunciation of the hacker acronym BRS (Big Red Switch). 1) To deactivate a machine. 2) To kill someone or render them senseless.

Brush-up : A shadowrun to collect background information.

BTL chip : A "Better Than Life" chip (also called "DreamChips"). An illegal cyber-data chip which provides the user a combination of artificial reality coupled with direct stimulation of different centers of the brain. Though typically designed to provide a pre-programmed fantasy, the artificial reality need not be coherent, i.e. it can provide a totally hallucinatory environment. Chips are typically designed to burn out after one use, both to prevent the users brain from overloading from the sustained stimulation, and to force the user to purchase additional chips. BTL chips are psychologically addictive and repeated, frequent use causes permanent brain damage.

Buck : Dollar (Eurobuck).

Buck Rogers : Derogatory phrase for an individual (usually a Solo) obsessed with high-tech weaponry (e.g. lasers, microwaves).

Buff : To attack viciously with intent to maim or kill.

Bug-Out (Mil.) : To flee from a situation or area.

Bughunt (Mil.) : A hunting or combat exercise that requires heavy firepower in confined areas.

Bullet (Crim.) : One year in custody/prison.

Bullet-Stopper : See Guardian Angel.

Bumping (Thr.) : Skating down stairs; can be done forwards, backwards, even sideways.

Burbclave : A self-contained and like-minded community, usually catering to a specific class or race. 'Claves have their own restrictions on entry.

Burn a shoe : Destroying a set of fake ID. See shoe.

Bury the Hatchet (Med.) : Accidently leaving a surgical instrument inside a patient.

Bushido (Jap.) : Honor or Code of Honor. A key concept for most edgerunners, as they frequently have little else to call their own at times.

Business : In slang context, crime.

Butt-to-Ground Adapter : An impromptu stool fashioned out of anything.

Buttonhead : See Wirehead.

Buzz : Buzz off. Go away. Leave.

Buzz Turbo : A slang term meaning to get out of [somewhere] fast (eg. "Let's end this run and buzz turbo !").

BVM (Med.) : Bag Valve Mask (Ambu-Bag). A manual inflation device placed over the mouth of a patient, which, when hand-pumped, ventilates the patients lungs.

Bwant : 1) A Seattle term meaning, to attack all out for no apparent reason. See slammit on. 2) Decker slang for a very untrustworthy employer, likely to be selling a death wish.


C-dee (Aq.) : Underwater veteran, derived from "sea dog".

C-SWAT (LEO) : ("see-swat") Cybernetic Special Weapons And Tactics, the police elite who tackle cybered perps. See shadowriders.

C-YA : Pronounced as "see ya". To look out for ones self or interests, acronym for "Cover Your Ass".

Cadre (Aq.) : Team. Also, one's circle of friends.

Cakewalk (Mil.) : A quick, easy, uncomplicated shadowrun that requires almost no effort to complete.

Camper (Mil.) : A sniper or anyone who stakes out a high recon position for an extended period.

Candy Cane Loading (LEO) : The practice of loading a shotgun with alternating rounds of slug and buckshot, through the entire magazine.

Canned Meat : 1) Derogatory term applied to full-conversion cyborgs by non or lightly augmented persons. 2) Derogatory term applied to ACPA Troopers by full-conversion cyborgs (eg. : "I am the pinnacle of chrome! You, however, are just canned meat").

Canned Pork : A full borg serving in the police forces.

Canoe, Making a (Med.) : The act of removing the body organs from a corpse during an autopsy. A synonym for being killed (eg. "Somebody made a canoe out of him").

Captain Kangaroo : 1) Chairman of a pediatrics department. 2) A child molester.

Card : 1) SIN Card. 2) To demand that a person show their personal identification.

Career Decision (CD) (Corp) : Used among low-level employees to describe an ill-advised activity. Trashing your boss while he or she is within earshot is a serious CD.

Cargo : 1) Someone completly incapacitated, especially when drunk or stoned. 2) The emotional baggage one carries as left-over damage from one's past.

Carpet (Mil.) : A electronic warfare jamming device.

Casters Up Mode (Net) : Dead. Dates back from when computers where so large that they had casters under them to facillitate moving them around.

Castrato : See Muzak-Man.

Casuality in Waiting : A pedestrian in the middle of a gun fight or Urban Brawl match.

Cat : A cat burglar.

Catalog : A Class-A information dossier.

Catatonic (Net) : No longer responding to input. Used of both hardware, software and 'runners.

Catfood (Mil.) : The unit number of trained soldiers needed to reduce a runner team to catfood, eg. one catfood worth.

CATNIP (Tech) : Cheapest Available Technology Not Involving Prosecution.

Causing Static : Starting trouble.

Cement Poisoning : What a person dies of after being pushed off of a multi-story building and hitting the sidewalk. Also known as deceleration trauma.

Cester : 1) A person who engages in sex with a family member. 2) Any couples who members are genetically related.

Chain Saw Consultant (Corp) : An outside expert who is brought in to reduce head count - leaving the top brass with clean hands.

Chalk Outline : See sidewalk outline.

Charlie Foxtrot (Mil.) : A ClusterFrag, from the military's phonetic alphabet for C and F.

Check Fire ! (Mil.) : Hold your fire ! Usually requested way too late.

Check Out : To die.

Check six (Rig.) : Visual observation of the rear quadrant, from which most air-to-air attacks can be expected. Refers to the clock system of scanning the envelope around the aircraft; 12 o'clock is straight ahead, 6 o'clock is directly astern. Also a common salutation and greeting among tactical pilots. Keep an eye on your behind, be careful.

Check, please ! : Exclamation : "I've had enough, I want this all to end".

Checking for light leaks (Rig.) : Taking a nap, referring to the eyelids.

Chemical Persuasion : 1) Explosives. Also see instant cave. 2) Pepper spray or other similar incapacitating agent (aka "liquid knuckles").

Chernobyl Packet (Net) : A network packet that induces network meltdown (failure), named in memory of the April 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl in Ukraine. Such a packet can occur either accidentally or an act of deliberate malice.

Cherry (Mil.) : Any new, inexperienced member of a unit or team.

Chill : Street slang for freon, a commodity now, available only to the rich who still have air-conditioners.

Chilled : A hip term meaning, to be cool, together.

Chinese Take-out : Anything extremely jumbled or messy. (e.g. "That riotgun made his chest look like Chinese take-out").

Chip-truth : The absolute truth.

Chiphead : A person addicted to simsense chips.

Chipped : 1) Anyone/thing enhanced by cyberware (e.g. senses, skills, reflexes and so on). 2) To interface through cyberware.

Choo, Chooh : Street slang for CHOOH-2, a synthetic meta-alcohol fuel, as used in vehicle power plants.

Choob : A mildly derogatory slang term for a jerk, nerd or weirdo.

Choombata, Choomba : (Bantu) Friend. Buddy. Neo-African slang for a friend/family member. Roughly equivalent to chummer.

Chop : A credcard or credchip.

Chop Shop : A black clinic.

Chopping : The process of cracking a stolen credcard or credchip.

Chow Chit : See Kibble Card.

Chromatic : 1) Heavy Metal music. 2) Of or relating to Heavy Metal music 3) Anything wild, fantastic or bodacious.

Chrome : 1) Flash, glitter, bells and whistles, tinsel. Material used to spice up the appearance of something. 2) Sexy features on a program, not needed for functionality but radiating style (e.g. a guillotine instead of a trash can icon). 3) Generic reference to cyberware.

Chrome-Bangers : Derogatory term for the C-SWAT team or "psychosquad" (syn. : "Circuit Breakers").

Chromed : The state of being equipped with obvious offensive augmentations.

Chromer : 1) Metalheads, heavy metal fans. 2) A member of a gang dedicated to hard (chromatic) rock music (usually a specific band) and mindless violence. The original "party animals".

Chuck : Caucasian person. Usually derogatory.

Chummer : A familiar greeting or form of address meaning, "Pal" or "Buddy". May be used sarcastically.

Chummliechen (Ger.) : The German form of chummer.

Chunk (Thr.) : To damage your wheels so they have pits or missing pieces (ie. "I chunked my tires").

Chunking : The act of eating on the run or as a secondary activity.

Chunky Salsa Effect : The resulting state of a human body in a small, well-built area, after the introduction of a grenade or other explosive device.

Cinema : A movie or simsense, usually in tri-d.

Circling the Drain (Med.) : Slang for a patient near death who refuses to give up the ghost. Now generally used to describe anything that lives beyond its time, but will not die.

CIRS : Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome : a psychotic aberration suffered by excessive users of cyberware.

City Speak : A hybrid street language, incorporating a mishmash of Japanese, Spanish, German, Cantonese, etc.

Citybuster (Mil.) : A MIRV from a nuclear missile. Sometimes also referred to as a "Crowd Pleaser".

Clacker (Mil.) : The small hand-held M57 firing device used with a claymore mine. More colloquially, any remote detonator for an explosive device.

Clavie : 1) Any person who lives in an enclave. 2) A playful or familiar cut-down or "slam", used among friends.

Cleaner (Cov.) : An assassin (or team) used to eliminate all traces of a mission, including the participants.

Client-Server Action (Net) : Net euphemism for having sex. "I went to the Oracle party the other night hoping for a little client-server action".

Clint : The male counterpart to a Brandy, but handsome & cragy, with chisled features & limited facial expressions.

Clock : To watch someone or something very closely for a long period. ("Damn, she's been clocking me all night !")

Close a Contract (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate. Also, dust, eradicate, erase, grease, hose, liquidate, neutralize, pop, smoke, vape, wax, etc, etc, etc !

Clothing by DuPont : Euphemism referring to human suicide bombers (usually religious fanatics or terrorists) who strap high explosives to their own body and them detonate them manually once they arrive at a specific target location. FYI, from 1802 until the end of the 20th Century, the DuPont Corporation was one of the largest manufacturers of commercial and military explosives in the North America.

Cobweb Site (Net) : A World Wide Web site that hasn't been updated for a long time. A dead Web page.

Code Grinder (Net) : A corporate programmer.

Coffin : A 1x1x2 meter motel room with few accoutrements other than a foam bed/floor, (often) a public trid-phone entertainment unit and scarcely enough room to allow the patron to crawl in and close the door.

Coffin Hotel : A rack of coffin-sized rooms, usually six to twelve across and four or five levels high. Originally a Japanese hospitality solution, that has now become a lifestyle for some of the more downtrodden.

Coke : Cocaine. Aka "blow", "C", "charlie" and "white lady".

Collar : A derogatory term for a white-collar worker, usually a low-level employee of a megacorp.

COM-INT (Mil.) : An abbreviation for COMmunications INTelligence, ie. bugs & wire-taps, and their users.

Combat Drugs (Mil.) : Designer drugs for military use.

Combat Zones : Areas of urban decay in major cities, characterized by high crime rates, unmaintained streets and buildings, poor police coverage, high concentrations of homeless people, and frequent outbreaks of (often gang-related) violence.

Comics : Color, fan-folded (military) map. ("Pass the comics. I think we're lost").

Comm : The everyday name for the telephone. From, telecomm.

Company Man/Operative : A reflex-boosted or heavily cybered assassin in the employ of a major corp (cf. ballerina, operative).

Config (HR) : To arrange something.

Construct : ("CON-struct") A mobile, complex program, often combining multiple pieces of (different types of) IC.

Containers : Street slang for refugees from the Chicago Containment Zone.

Content Free (Net) : Lacking any sort of useful information.

Corp : 1) Corporation. 2) Of or relating to a corporation, its assets, personnel or anything corporate.

Corpse : 1) A corporate executive, a CORPorate Sleaziness Expert. 2) A corporate assassin, CORPorate Security Expert.

Corpsicle : A (live or dead) body frozen in suspended animation or cryosleep. From, corpse + popsicle. Also, hibernation.

Cortex bomb : A small, implanted explosive device (usually in the skull) that detonates in response to a timer or remote signal. Usually implanted against the wearer's will to keep them in line. Most cortex bombs will detonate automatically if tampered with.

CostCo Cadillac : Street name for a shopping cart used by the homeless to carry their possessions. AKA "FoodMart Ferrari".

Cowboy : A very hot, professional decker or netrunner. Also, console cowboy.

Coyote (Mex.) : Some who smuggles (usually illegal immigrants) across the U.S./Mexico border.

Crack : A smokable form of crystallized cocaine. Aka "rock", "crank", "baseball", "white tornado" and "gravel".

Cranial Bomb : An illegal, piece of cybernetic headware, used to control or coerce the bearer by offering the "ultimate headache". See, cranial nuke & kink bomb.

Cranial Nuke : An area effect cranial bomb, which is strong enough to significantly damage the bearer's surroundings (cf. kink bomb).

Crash (Aq.) : To seriously screw up.

Crash Test Dummies : Individuals who pay for unstable, not-ready-for-prime-time software marketed by greedy computer companies.

Crease : To kill. Creased : killed.

Cred : Money, typically electronic funds. From, credit.

Credcard : A personal electronic debit card commonly carried in place of actual currency.

Credchip : See credcard.

Credstick : A small, tapered, plastic cylinder, that serves as both ID & credit card, and occasionally, a room key.

Crete (Thr.) : Abbreviated term for "concrete" (eg. "He dumped his board and smeared himself all over the 'crete").

Crickets (Rock.) : Quiet, as in "It's so quiet one could hear the crickets chirping" (eg. "We thought the song was great, but the first time we played it to an audience, we finished and it was, like, crickets").

Crispy : A compliment. Extremely nice (eg. "I'll bet that monitor looks really crispy in the dark !").

Crispy Critter (Med.) : A severe burn patient.

Cruiser Mode (LEO) : Anyone in a state of mind such that they require a brief delay before they are able to respond to a situation. From the police practice of carrying a shotgun in the police cruiser with a full magazine but with an empty chamber, requiring the officer to "rack the slide" before bringing the shotgun to bare.

Crypter (Net) : Cryptographer. Either person or program.

CSC : A "Computer Sabotage Consultant". A tactful, politically correct, corp-speak form of address for a netrunner. See Deckjockey.

CT (Med.) : Computerized Tomography (the follow-on to CAT (Computer Aided Tomography) scans). A series of closely-spaced X-Ray cross-sections of a body area, which are then computer processed to yield a 3-dimensional model of the area being scanned.

Cube : A decker who operates within the confines of the law, ie. the 3-dimensional evolution of the term, "square".

Culture Vulture : A slang term for a member of the media. Often used derogatorily.

Curse, The : CIRS.

Cut and Paste (Med.) : To open a patient, discover that there is no hope, and immediately sew him up. Well, almost immediately. Sometimes young surgeons practice surgical techniques for a while first.

Cut-Out (Mil.) : A go-between, used for a security in a covert operation.

Cut-Out Chip : A quasi-legal piece of neural cyberware, that selectively turns off specified stimuli from/to the brain.

CVA (Med.) : Cerebro-vascular Accident. Generic term for a vascular occlusion or hemorrhage in the cranial cavity.

Cyberaxe (Rock.) : Any musical instrument (although typically a guitar) that is equipped with a cybernetic interface.

Cyberdeck : Hardware used to access cyberspace through a DNI link.

Cyberhound : Guard dog or similar creature with augmented offensive abilities. Also called, electrocurs.

Cyberpsycho Squad : Any specialized law enforcement unit, eg. C-SWAT, who tracks down cybernetic psychotics.

Cyberpsychosis : A psychotic aberration suffered by excessive users of cyberware (see CIRS).

Cyberspace : 1) The conceptual space within a computer. 2) The conceptual medium within which computer communication takes place, e.g. Electronic Bulletin Boards, online services, databases or in general the program space of any computer which can run a communication program. 3) A slang term for the global computer network.

Cyberterminal : Any (usually, non-portable) slow computer used for safe, legal Matrix access and work.

Cyberware : Any cybernetic/bionic body implant which replaces or augments a specific body function.

Cylon : A derogatory term for corporate security personnel. From a 20-Cen video.


D-Crew (Aq.) : Corpse underwater, esp. those found in sub wrecks.

D5W (Med.) : Dextrose 5% in Water. A common mixture, given intravenously, to rehydrate a patient.

Daddy, Dadie : An "add-on" chip; a cyber-data chip containing a programmed skill which augments existing skills or provides new ones. These chips provide "instant" training of a normally unknown ability (e.g. flying a jet).

Dai uy (Viet.) : Captain (pronounced "die-WE").

Dancer : A highly addictive illegal designer drug that instates a need for violence and a disregard for self preservation, the drug is often lethal.

Danger Close (Mil.) : An air strike or artillery mission within 100 meters of your position.

Dark Fiber : When high bandwidth data-comm fiber-optic cable that has much more capacity than is currently being utilized, the unused capacity is said to be "dark". This is usually done deliberately, in anticipation of future growth.

Dark, the (HR) : Space (see Big Black).

Data Freight(er) (Net) : The long haul transportation of bulk digital data. Some companies exist explicitly to provide high bandwith trans/intercontinental channels for high-volume data "freight".

Data Mining (Net) : Extracting useful information from an enormous database. Corporations have to "mine" value from the often bewildering bedrock of (seemingly) unrelated statistics and numbers collected from various sources.

Dataslave : A corporate decker or a data processing employee.

Datasteal : Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.

Dawn Patrol (Net) : Compulsive netheads or hackers who are still at their decks when you get back to them the next morning.

DDR : An expert in "Difficult Data Retrieval". A tactful form of address for a netrunner. See CSC.

De-Rezz : 1) To terminate a program. From, "de-resolution", ie. resolve. 2) To kill someone.

Dead Baby (Cov.) : A false identity. Originates from the wide-spread practice of searching hospital and/or church records for the names of children who have died at birth or in infancy and obtaining a copy of their birth certificate for use as a basis for a new (phony) identity.

Dead Cat Bounce (Fixer) : A brief response from an otherwise stomped object or individual that gives the illusion of imminent recovery.

Dead Presidents : A term referring to the old United States' paper currency.

Dead Tree Edition : The paper version of a publication available in both paper and electronic forms (eg. "The dead tree edition of the San Francisco Chronicle...").

Death Star (Net) : The spherical AT&T datafortress, resembling the space fortress from Star Wars.

Deb, Debbie : 1) A derogatory term for male-to-female full-body sex change recipients. 2) Phonetic pronounciation of "D.B.", which is police and medical examiner shorthand for "dead body".

Deceleration trauma : The death inducing portion of a long fall that occurs aburptly at its end. See, cement poisoning.

Deck : 1) Cyberdeck. 2) To use a cyberdeck illegally.

Decker : A pirate cyberdeck user (cf. netrunner), derived from 20th century term "hacker".

Deckhead : 1) A SimSense abuser. 2) Anyone with a datajack or chipjack. 3) Derogatory term for a netrunner.

Deckjockey : An expert cyberdeck user, usually indicates a specialization (eg. at covertly accessing and stealing from corporate databases).

Deep : To have many members in your gang.

Deep Freeze : A slang word for being extremely distant though not outright rude to someone. "Chummer, this chica was so hot but when I talked to her she just gave me the deep freeze".

Deep Reality : The real world we live in. As opposed to the realities we create for ourselves within our minds (e.g. fantasy games) and in our processors (e.g. cyberspace).

Deep-six (Aq.) : To sink, also; to kill or be killed.

DeeVee : Devalue. To make something worthless.

Defilade (Mil.) : 1) Protection from hostile observation and fire provided by an obstacle such as a hill, ridge or bank. 2) A vertical distance by which a position is concealed from enemy observation. 3) To shield from enemy fire or observation by using natural or artificial obstacles.

Delta : Drug lingo for a smuggling aircraft.

Deltajock : A hotshot pilot.

Deniable (Mil.) : Anyone hired to disavow, after the fact, all knowledge about a hosed run & participants, eg. a deniable asset or a deniable person.

Deniable Asset (Mil.) : An independent contractor, with little or no ties to his/her/thier source of employment. In the event of exposure during an operation, the employer can later disavow all knowledge of the contractor, and no solid connection can be made.

Derm : 1) An adhesive skin patch used to apply medication. 2) A designer drug, applied to the dermis, that increases healing and limits fatigue. From, dermal patch.

Detcord (Mil.) : Olive-drab, 3/16 inch diameter flexible PETN-based plastic explosive cord used as a cutting or breaching charge.

Detsheet (Mil.) : Olive-drab, 10-by-25 inch flexible PETN-based plastic explosive sheet used as a cutting or breaching charge.

DF Module : The "Dumb FUCK" responsible for the current problem.

DI : One or more expert systems forming a Digital Intelligence (which is less complex and expensive than developing an AI).

Di (Viet.) : Go (pronounced "DEE").

Dialed In : Any system where all the variables are set perfectly.

Diaper Change : One of several daily visits by a tech-support person to the desk of a particularly cranky, lazy or technically incompetent user (eg., "Sorry I was late, but I had to do a diaper change down in Accounting").

Didi (Viet.) : Slang from the Vietnamese word 'di', meaning "to leave" or "to go".

Didi mau (Viet.) : Slang for "Go quickly".

Die of the measles (Mil.) : In military parlance, an assassination which makes the death appear to be of natural causes.

Digital Kudzu : Software which places artifacts into every nook and cranny of a computer's file system. All attempts to delete such applications miss at least some of the artifacts, which then interfere with other processes forever after.

Dike Out (Net) : To remove with extreme prejeduce. Originally from mechanic slang for Diagonal Wire Cutters. ie. "Then their sysop decided he had to try and kill me, so I diked out most of his higher brain functions..."

Dilligaf ! (Vul.) : I could care less. Buzz off ! Go away ! From the acronym, "Do I Look Like I Give A Frag ?".

Dim : Derogatory term for a person suffering from diminished mental capacity (ie. mentally retarded).

Dink : Gang slang for a member of a rival gang.

Dirtboy (Vul.) : Airborne rigger slang for a male non-flier.

Dirtnap : Slang for death, as in "he's takin' a dirtnap".

Dirtside (HR) : A reference to a planetary surface (as opposed to space).

Dirtsider (HR) : Derogatory term for someone who rarely or never is in space.

Dirty : 1) Derogatory term for low-tech (paper & pencil, walking, etc...). 2) Any traceable illegal item. 3) Anything contaminated.

Dirty Power (Net) : Power that is full of spikes and brownouts. Useable for lights and toasters, but bad for computers.

Dis : Disrespect; to treat with irreverence or insolence.

Disappear : To cause a person, and all known references to that person, to become difficult or impossible to find.

DNI : A cybernetic connection between flesh and machine (eg. datajack or a rigging harness). From, Direct Neural Interface.

DNR (Med.) : Do Not Resuscitate.

Do Ugly : To beat up or be beaten up (e.g. "Boy, somebody sure did him ugly !")

DOA (Med.) : Dead On Arrival.

Doc Box : A slang term for a medic's instrument kits, usually run at least partially by an expert system.

Dock (HR) : To have sex.

Dodgy (Brit.) : Risky, unsafe, borderline illegal.

Doi Moi (Viet.) : Literally "reconstruction" or "renovation". Derisive term for government-sponsored "urban renewal" that has an overall negative impact (eg. foreclosing on inner city homes and compensating the homeowners at below market value, only to use the property for substandard, low-cost housing for the poor).

Dome (Aq.) : Underwater platform.

Domo Arigato (Jap.) : Lit. "thank you".

Donkey Whang (Net) : A really thick piece of cable. Usually an inch or more in diameter.

Door Stop (Net) : A not-so-heavy piece of dead hardware.

Dorph : A synthetic analogue for endorphins (organic painkillers produced naturally by the human body). Used to suppress pain and shock. Addictive.

Dorph Gang : A type of street gang that takes and distributes synthetic endorphin drugs.

Dorpher : Member of a gang primarily identified by their heavy and frequent drug use. Very unpredictable.

Dot (Rig.) : Refers to how a distant aircraft looks on the horizon, ("I'm a dot" means "I'm out of here").

Double Tap : To kill cleanly with a single gunshot (ref. entry and exit wounds). (e.g. "Someone double tapped him right between the eyes").

Doughboy/girl : Derogatory term for someone wearing too much body armor.

Down (Rig.) : Broken, not flying. A sick pilot is "down".

Download : See Fuse.

Downtime : Slang for free or off-duty time.

Dr. Know : 1) A contact who always seems to have useful info. 2) A seller of knowledge and skill chips.

Dr. Strangelove Ocean : Ecology slang for an ocean where pollution has killed all the life forms near the water's surface, making it look like a nuked wasteland.

Draga (Hng.) : Of or relating to anything expensive.

Dreamqueen : A simsense abuser.

Drek (Vul.) : A common scatological curse word, as in "bulldrek" (archaic "shit"), adj : drekky.

Drek Run : Any shadowrun of very little pay or challenge, offered when good work is scarce or to newbies as a test.

Drift Factor (Rig.) : If you have a high one, you aren't reliable.

Drig : An expletive, equivalent to frag, meaning "copulation".

Droid (Net) : A low-level, unimaginative worker.

Drooler (Med.) : A catatonic patient.

Drop a Dime (Crim.) : Archaic. To inform ("squeal") on someone.

Drowd (Tech) : A plug-in transformer that attaches to a socket which has been surgically installed the skull. It is designed to feed low voltage current directly into the brain for the purpose of stimulating the brain's pleasure centers. It is commonly used by wirehead addicts and is illegal.

Dry Op (Cov.) : Sitting around, soaking up information gathered by others, and then filing a report without ever leaving the desk.

Duck : Person who carries more weapons than could possibly be needed. Possibly, from their tendency to waddle under the weight.

Duel : Any direct confrontation or duel between a full conversion cyborg and an un-augmented or lightly augmented human; typically for the purpose of settling an argument over whether "Metal is better than Meat".

Duke : A pseudo-derogatory slang term describing a person who takes unbelievable risks - or has a deathwish.

Dump shock : The disorientation resulting from the rapid cutoff of a simsense signal.

Dumped : To be involuntarily ejected from the matrix (also while rigging or during a simsense viewing).

Dung lai ! (Viet.) : Stop !

Dust (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate.

Dust-off (Mil.) : Emergency (usually medical) evacuation by helicopter.

Dustbuster : A phone call or e-mail message you send to someone after a long silence - just to "shake the dust off" and see if the connection still works.

DV : ("Dee-vee") To make something worthless. From devalue.

DZ (Mil.) : ("Dee-zee") Abbreviation for Drop Zone, a parachutist's/pilot's touch-down target. Also landing zone (see also Hot LZ).


E-Tool (Mil.) : Entrenching tool. Folding shovel carried by infantrymen.

Eating In (Med.) : Intravenous feeding.

ECG (Med.) : Electrocardiogram.

Eddies : Phonetic pronunciation of "EDs", meaning Eurodollars.

EDF (Mil.) : European Defense Force.

Edge : 1) The fringe of society, where many engage in illegal or semi-legal acts or life-styles. 2) The barrens.

Edgerunner : Someone who lives on the edge.

Edgezone : A "strip" (eg. the Vegas strip), gray area (eg. Nightcity), or an area of potential "coolness".

EEC : European Economic Community.

EEG (Med.) : Electroencaphalogram.

Ego Surfing : The act of searching public electronic bulletin boards and other information sources in cyberspace to see how many references to one's self can be found.

Electrocur : A guard dog with augmented offensive capabilities. Also called, cyberhounds.

Eleven Bravo (Mil.) : The MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) of an infantryman in the U.S. Army. More commonly, a reference to cheap, expendable ground troops (ie. "Send in more eleven bravo").

ELINT (Mil.) : ("EE-lint") An abbreviation for Electronic Intelligence.

ELSUR (Mil.) : ("EL-sur") An abbreviation for Electronic Surveillance.

Elvis Year : The peak year of popularity for an item, individual or group (eg. "Barney the Dinosaur's Elvis Year was 1993").

Enclave : Any corporate, subsidized housing, aka "the projects".

EOD (Mil.) : Explosive Ordinance Disposal. A team that disarms explosive devices.

ESA : European Space Agency.

Euro : An abbreviation for either "Eurodollars", "Eurobucks" or "European Currency Units". 2) Of or relating to anything European or of European origin.

Eurodollar : The most commonly accepted standard currency in the modern world.

Exec : Corporate executive.

Exotic : An obviously biosculpted individual, usually with non-human features (fangs, fur, tail, etc...).

Expert System : A sophisticated program with access to a large database, capable of analyzing & making decisions.

Extraction (Mil.) : 1) A corporate kidnapping. 2) The removal of a (combat) team from its operational area.

Eyeballs (Media) : Slang for a (potential) viewing audience.


Fab (Net) : Fabricate. Build from scratch. Never fabulous.

Face : Street slang for a confidence (or con-) man.

Face, The : Decker slang for 1) an interface (also, 'face, I-face and eye-face), 2) jacking-into the Matrix.

Faceman : A sub-fixer in the employ of a major fixer, supporting that superior's network.

Faddie : Someone who follows all the trends. Usually derogatory.

False Flag (Mil.) : To intentionally make an operative think he is working for someone else.

False-Face : 1) Dummy facemask cyberware. 2) A cyborg equipped with such an appliance.

Fandango on the Core, Do a (Net) : To thoroughly hose a system.

Faraday Cage : An electronically secure room.

Fast Mover (Mil.) : Any high-speed aircraft.

Fate Meat : Someone bound for the body banks, as in "fated to become meat".

Faulty : A person or item not to be trusted (or believed).

FEBA (Mil.) : ("FEE-buh") Military abbreviation for 1) "Foreward Edge of the Battle Area"; 2) "Fraggin' Engineers are Back, Again !".

Fem-bot : Derogatory slang term for a female given to excessive, but sophisticated use of expensive cyberware. This term is frequently applied to high-priced female solos or bodyguards of rich, famous or otherwise important persons.

Ferryman : Term for an expert assassin. Believed to be derived from the famed Eurosolo Charon, who took his handle from the figure in Greek mythology who ferried the dead across the river Styx to Hades.

FIBUA (Mil.) : ("FIB-yoo-uh") Samurai slang for urban combat. From the acronym, "Fighting In Built-Up Areas".

Film at 11 : Used in conversation to announce ordinary events, with a sarcastic implication that these events have earth-shattering importance. (eg. "I'm not wearing any pants; film at 11!")

Fire Ant Warefare (Mil.) : Weapon systems in which hordes of small, smart weapons swarm a target.

Fire Lane (Mil.) : Area designated as the field of fire, from a specific position or by a specific weapon emplacement.

Fire Mission (Mil.) : Specification of a target for an artillery barrage.

Firewall (Net) : Defensive software in a datafort, designed to prevent unauthorized users from doing damage or accessing restricted files.

Five-Oh (5-O) : Archaic term used as a generic reference to LEOs (from the old TV series "Hawaii Five-Oh").

Fixer : A go-between, deal maker, information broker. Also a fence or mover of illegal goods.

Flash : 1) Anything spectacular (e.g. "That deck has a lot of flash !") 2) Hard currency (e.g. "Loan me some flash").

Flash Crowds (Net) : Swarms of users on a computer network that appear, then disappear, in a flash. The term originates from a short story of the same name by Larry Niven. In the story, riots break out when thousands of people pour out of teleportation booths to see major social events.

Flash Traffic (Mil.) : An incoming emergency communication, usually from a superior.

Flashdealer : A street vender with his wares concealed inside his volumnious coat.

Flat : From an old theatrical term for a piece of scenery, an actor in a braindance recording who is not wired for braindance, but merely forms part of the background for a scene. An extra.

Flatline : 1) A state of death (ref. flat EEG traces upon brain-death) which may refer to either a machine (usually a deck or other computer) or a person. Usually a result of an encounter with black ice during a netrun. 2) To die, usually killed in the matrix by Black ICE.

Flea (Net) : A non-netrunner who accompanies a netrunner on a netrun by using a "trode" set.

Fleshie : An un-augmented or lightly augmented human.

Fleshling : See Fleshie.

Fletcher : A flechette pistol or rifle.

Flickercladding : A synthetic plastic material impregnated with fiber optics and temperature gauges designed to respond to skin temperature, a 21st century version of the mood ring, but is worn as clothing.

Flight Risk (Corp) : Used to describe employees who are suspected of planning to leave a company or department soon.

Fliking : The act of extracting and retracting various cyber- or biowares, especially armorments for the purpose of intimidation.

Flip a Bitch (GoGang) : To pull a sudden U-turn while driving.

Flip the Script : To lie (ie. "Man. Don't flip no script on me !")

FLK (Med.) : Funny-looking Kid. Usually a mongoloid.

Floater (LEO) : Besides the obvious reference to a waterlogged corpse, this term is also used to refer to drifters, urchins and other waterworld vagrants.

Floor Routine : From gymnastics, a (usually futile) attempt to dodge automatic weapons fire.

FLP (Med.) : Parents of an FLK.

Flyboy/girl (Vul.) : Derogatory slang for an airborne rigger (cf. dirtboy, ground-pounder and mudgirl).

FM (Rig.) : Abbreviation for "fucking magic" : very high-tech; used to describe how something you don't understand actually works. The ASQ-81 Magnetic Anomaly System works by "FM".

FNG (Mil.) : Fucking New Guy.

FOD : 1) Finger of Death. Any really powerful anti-personnel program. 2) Foreign Object Damage. Damage to an (air)craft during take-off or landing caused by flying debris.

Fodder : A derogatory term fixers use for solos.

Fold : 1) A slang term for flexible (paper or plastic) currency. 2) To shut down something or someone (e.g. "This operation is about to fold").

Foot, Feet : Derogatory term for police (from flatfoot).

Footprint : A characteristic "hacking" style; consisting of such elements as speed, number and length of pauses, commonly-appearing commands, words, phrases, and mistakes.

Fossil : 1) An elderly person. 2) Someone who refuses to give up old ways. 3) Any old or obsolete item.

Four F-er (Med.) : A gallbladder patient. "Fat, forty-ish, flatulent female".

Foxtrot Uniform (Mil.) : Fragged Up, from the military's phonetic alphabet for F and U.

Frag : 1) A common curse word, as in "frag you !", adj. fragging or fraggin'. 2) To kill someone with a fragmentation grenade.

Frak : A general purpose expletive.

Freakers : Another street name for the group of combat drugs that include Black Lace. See Berserkide.

Fred : 1) Any straight, unimaginative citizen, usually a shirt. 2) An elder person or someone who clings to outmoded ideas or practices (from Fred Flintstone). See Fossil.

Free Fire Zone (Mil.) : Area where everyone has been deemed hostile and is a legitimate target by friendly forces.

Freezer : A slang word used to describe the banks of cryogenic systems used to store wealthy individuals who have put themselves in storage for revival at a later date for various reasons.

Fringe, The : 1) The edge of society, where many engage in illegal or semi-legal acts or life-styles. 2) The barrens.

Frob : To alter control settings in a random or mischievous fashion.

From out of pocket : To attack with a handgun.

From the shoulder : To attack hand-to-hand.

Frosty : Derogatory term for an eldery person (in reference to their grey/white hair).

Fullfaker : 1) A Trooper, whether in Assisted Combat Personal Armour or not. 2) Anyone in Assisted Combat Personal Armour.

Fully Enhance : To fully enhance : to undergo full-body conversion (eg.: "Henderson went fully enhanced after that bombing took most of his body").

Fumigation (Mil.) : An assault in which no survivors are left. Term first used by Bwant in Seattle.

Funderwear : A slang term for form-fitting body armor. From "Finally ! Underwear that's fun (and safe) to wear !"

Furball : 1) Any sort of confusion, snarl-up or traffic jam. 2) An intense, chaotic battle.

Furvert : Derogatory slang term for anyone with exotic skin, cranial or other animalistic anatomical modifications, especially when the individual uses the feature(s) in conjunction with a deviant sexual practice.

Fuse : To kill someone possessing large quantities of cyberware (syn. : "short-circ" or "download").

Futokoro-Gatana (Jap.) : A right-hand man. Lit. "blossom dagger", he who'd kill you if you were in too much pain to complete sepuku.


Gahump : A General Purpose Heavy Maching Gun, possibly from the failed attempt to pronounce its acronym.

Gaijin (Jap.) : Lit. Non-Japanese or foreigner, ie. a "Westerner". Often used derogatorily.

Gambatte Kudasai : Lit. "good luck".

Game Over : Exclamation. An acknowledgement of catastrophic failure.

Game-Grid : A special purpose LTG (indigenous to most RTG's) used exclusivly for 24/7 virtual reality gameplay, often in connection with numerous VRCades.

Gamma Software (Net) : Implying a level of untested-ness even in excess of Beta Software (ie. the programmer just finished compiling it an hour ago).

Gander : Street slang for a pimp (see also goose).

Gangbanger (Corp) : A member of a street gang.

Garbage Detail (Corp) : A retaliatory raid, usually against a streetgang or street-ronin, which takes corporate solos into non-corporate controlled parts of the city (syn. : "trash run").

Gargoyle (Mil.) : Someone whose job is gathering intelligence in the field, normally bedecked with surveillance gear.

Gato (Spn.) : 1) A smooth operator or cool person. 2) A fixer.

Gator (Rig.) : A tread or recap from a blown tire. Creates a road hazard.

Gator Bait (Rig.) : Bits and pieces of a blown tire.

Gauge : Gang slang for a shotgun.

Gearhead (Tech) : Someone with an obsessive interest in acquiring new hardware.

Gee : 1) Weight, from gravity. 2) A measurement of importance. Also, grav.

Geek : 1) To kill or die. 2) Computer addict.

Geese : The plural form of "goose", ie. more than one prostitute.

Gemini : Full borg designed to look human. From the first human-design borg, Raven Microcyb's Gemini.

Generica : Those features of the American landscape (strip malls, motel chains, prefab housing) that are exactly the same no matter what part of the country you're in. "We were so lost in Generica, I actually forgot what city we were in".

Get Dirty (Mil.) : 1) To be arrested. 2) To come under police harrassment.

GEV (Mil.) : Any hovering craft or device, eg. a panzer. From the acronym for "Ground Effects Vehicle".

Gewalt (Ger.) : Violence.

Ghost : 1) The personality, consciousness or conscience; the humanity of the cyborg. Often referred to as if it were a tangible, distinct and separate body part. Used similar to 'gut' in gut feeling : "I have a whisper in my ghost...". 2) A deckjockey who assists a "physical entry team" by entered and controlling the computer of the target site.

Ghost in the Machine (Net) : See Gibson (2).

Ghosting : Unpleasant residual sensory stimulus caused either by excessive use of braindance or by using a braindance playback unit with the output boosted above safe levels. The effect may last from seconds to days, depending upon the strength and/or length of the playback.

Ghostwhisper : A hunch or intuition.

Gibson : 1) Someone who tells the future; a psychic. 2) (Net) Unexplained phenomena in the Net (syn. : "Ghost in the Machine").

Gillette : A heavily cybered samurai or other muscle (see razorguy).

Giri (Jap.) : A debt of honor, duty or obligation.

Glass (Rig.) : In aviation, a 'glass' cockpit has digital displays/info systems, whereas an older "steam gauge"/"rope start" cockpit has mechanical, analog instruments.

Glass Roots Campaign : Grassroots campaigns conducted via the Net.

Glazing : Corporate-speak for sleeping with your eyes open. A popular pastime at conferences and early-morning meetings. "Didn't he notice that half the room was glazing by the second session ?"

Glitch : A derogatory term for complete and utter screw up.

Glitched : 1) Of or relating to being screwed up. 2) To louse up.

Glitter Clothes : Clothes made of flickercladding.

Glitter Folk : Rich people who only have time and money.

Glitterboy/girl : A rich person, media figure, rock star or simsense star.

Glom : To group or gather, as in "to glom at a concert" or "they glommed at Matchsticks last night".

Go Away (Rig.) : What something does when you hit it with a missile.

Go Cyrillic (Net) : When a graphical display (LED panel, bit-mapped text and graphics) starts to display garbage. "The thing just went Cyrillic on me".

Go LEO : To make a trip into Low Earth Orbit.

Go Panzer : To equip oneself for heavy combat, usually by upgrading the borg body/switching limbs (see Panzer).

Go-(go-)gang : A bike gang.

Go-go : Member of a go-go-gang.

Go-to : A dossier or background info on someone or something, usually illegally compiled. See also brush-up.

Gob (Brit.) : Mouth (eg. "Shut your gob !).

God Spot (Mil.) : Sniper's position, so called because it is typically a high position with an unobstructed field of view in the target area.

Going Postal : Euphemism for being totally stessed out and losing it in a violent fashion.

Gomasuri (Jap.) : Lit. "a sycophant", ie. one who is a servile, self-seeking flatterer.

Gomer (Med.) : A senile, messy or highly unpleasant patient.

Gomi (Jap.) : Lit. junk, garbage. Japanese slang term for any site that has been reclaimed and built on.

Gone Camping (Med.) : Reference to a patient in an oxygen tent.

Gonk : A derogatory term for an idiot or a fool.

Goose : Street slang for a prostitute.

Gormless (Brit.) : Stupid, brainless. (eg. "You gormless plonker !")

Got a Free Tattoo : Used to describe any situation in which someone is on the receiving end of abrasive blunt trauma : a Surfer doing a Wilson on his plank, having one's head bounced off a dumpster, etc.

Gothic : A member of a posergang whose motif is death and old black & white movies. Also called, goths.

Grab Gee : To spend time in a gravity field.

Grav : A shorthand form of the word, gravity. See also, gee.

Gravity Check : Any act of falling down or off something. Almost always painful and usually fatal. (eg. "Walt just did a gravity check of the Century Plaza tower !")

Gray IC : An active, legal, defensive, IC program, capable of causing damage to a cyberdeck.

Grazing Fire (Mil.) : Fire approximately parallel to the ground where the center of the cone of fire does not rise above 1 meter from the ground.

Grease (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate.

Grease the Weasel : No, that's not what it means ! Get your mind out of the gutter !! ph. To schmooze, mingle, make yourself known to others (especially at parties, clubs or other social gatherings).

Green Machine (Net) : Military hardware. So named for the uniform olive drab coloring all of them have.

Grepping : To search for something in a very methodical manner. Origin from the Unix line command grep (short for "global regular expression print"). The command would search through a bunch of files looking for specific string in them.

Grid (Net) : A series of interlocking computer systems or hosts.

Grok : See suss.

Ground-Pounder (Vul.) : 1) Airborne rigger slang for a non-flyer. 2) A derogatory highrider term for an earth-bound person.

Grounder : A usually derogatory term used by highriders for planet-side residents.

GSW (Med.) : GunShot Wound.

Guardian Angel : Solo on a bodyguard job (syn. : "bullet-stopper").

Gumby : From the 20-Cen video Monty Python, an act of minor but conspicuous stupidity (e.g. "Pulling a gumby").

Gumby Suit (Mil.) : The protective gear worn by military and police bomb squad personnel.

Gumi (Jap.) : The Yakuza syndicate. Lit. "extended family".

Gun Bunny (Mil.) : Attack helicopters (and the crew that fly them).

Gutter Jumpers : Claim jumpers among the homeless, squatters.

Gutter Tribes : (Nomad) Nomadic bands of homeless people in their teens and early twenties who travel from city to city, making their living primarily through panhandling.

Gutterpunk : A slang term for street riffraff. Also, guttersnipe.

Gyro : A small one or two man helicopter, eg. a Wasp or Yellow-jacket.


Hackware : Software produced by amateurs. Distinguished by the fact that it works and is ready two years before the professional version. Characterized by non-standard code, lack of comments, and great chrome.

Hai (Jap.) : Lit. "yes" (unless the question was phrased negatively, then it's "no"). See Iie.

Hairball : See Furball.

Haircut (Brit.) : See Corp.

HALO (Mil.) : An abbreviation for any High-Altitude Low Open para-glider/chute operation or insertion.

Halogen Handshake (Rig.) : The act of flashing headlight highbeams at an oncoming vehicle, to encourage the other car to lower their highbeams.

Handle : A working nick-name by which one is known on the streets. Also street-name.

Hanlons Razor (Net) : Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity.

Hard : A flattering term, meaning cool, hip or tough. 2) A target wearing body armor or an exoskeleton. 3) (Mil.) Any heavily armored object or position.

Hard Rice : Weapons, ammunition, and other conflict-related material being shipped under the guise of humanitarian aid. See Pigs and Rice.

Hardsuit (Mil.) : A suit of powered-armor.

Hardwired (Net) : 1) Having Cyberware. 2) Unable to change. 3) Inflexible options.

Harry : Complimentary term applied to an especially lethal piece of hardware (eg. "a Harry of a gun"), from a 20-Cen video. 2) A slang term for Heroin.

Hatbox (Med.) : A cylindrical, hand-carried biohazard container, so-called due to its similarity in appearance to cardboard hatboxes of the early 1900s.

Haunted : Derogatory term used by "true borgs" when referring to a full borg with a demonstrated conscience/high Empathy.

Head Up : To start a fight.

Heat, the : Street slang for police in general.

Heatwave : A police or security crackdown.

Heavy : Either of the two heavily armed, offensive positions on an urban brawl team

Heisen-Bug (Net) : A software bug that changes behavior or location when you attempt to locate it.

Hexed : 1) Afflicted with cyberpsychosis. 2) Obsessed with the Net.

Hibernation : A state of suspended animation or cryosleep, usually in preparation for deep space travel.

Highrider : Someone who lives or works in space (typically, all of his life).

Hikunuki (Jap.) : To kidnap from a corporation. Lit. "to extract".

Hinky (LEO) : Nervous or spooked.

HINT (Media) : Happy Idiot News Talk. The vacuous and silly banter that occurs between newscasters on local TV news.

Hit and Run : 1) A shadowrun to drop viruses or worms into a computer system. 2) The act of operating quickly, so as not to be late for another engagement.

Hitcher Jacks : Cyberdeck attachments that allow non-cybered companions to accompany a decker into the Matrix. See trode-net.

HM(H)VV : The mutating blood-borne disease responsible for vampires. From, "Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus".

Hoi : A familiar form of greeting meaning "hi or "hello".

Hole-in-One (Med.) : A gunshot wound through the mouth or rectum.

Holo : 1) A holographically generated image. 2) A Eurodollar, from its counterfeit-protection hologram.

Holopic : A holographic picture of some description.

Holovision : See ThreeVee.

Homerun : A shadowrun made on own initiative, and for personal gain, as opposed to being hired and paid by another to perform a specific task.

Honolulu Slingshot : Generic term for any sub-orbital flight from a major city in North America to Hawaii.

Hood : Neighborhood.

Hooding : 1) Lit. robbing from the rich & giving to the poor. 2) Any shadowrun spurred more by a committment to social justice than anything else.

Hoop : A mild curse word, referring to a person's backside.

Hoopty ride : Any undesirable or less-than-ideal mode of transportation (ie. a piece of drek vehicle).

Hopscotch : 1) A secured area protected by sensor pods, pressure pads or similar auto-triggered intruder detection electronics. 2) To navigate such an area by pinpointing and avoiding the contact-spots/eye-beams of the sensors.

Horse : Heroin. Aka "H", "scag", "smack" and "joy powder".

Hose : 1) Make a mistake, screw up. 2) To spray someone with automatic weapons fire. 3) To kill or assassinate.

Host : A single computer system.

Hot LZ (Mil.) : 1) A landing-zone under hostile fire or control 2) Of or relating to making a landing under fire (see landing hot).

Hotdogger : A derogatory term for inexperienced deckers.

Hound-Tipping : Popular street practice of ambushing and reprogramming police robohounds.

Huge Pipes (Net) : A high bandwidth Net connection.

Hurricane (Aq.) : Anything powerful or of extreme physical size.

Hydro, H : 1) Shorthand term for hydrogen fuel. 2) Anyone crazy enough to take it as a drug.


IAD (Mil.) : A set series of actions performed by combat teams to speed reactions. From, "Immediate Action Drills".

ICE, IC : Security software, Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics.

Ice, The : The most common nickname for Antarctica, as in, "How long you been on The Ice ?"

Icebreaker : Any program or software designed to penetrate or foil ice.

ICU (Med.) : Intensive Care Unit.

Idea Hamsters (Net) : Individuals who constantly seem to have a new idea to offer or try out, no matter how crazy it might be.

Identity Hacking (Net) : Constructing a false identity in the net.

IFV (Mil.) : Infantery Fighting Vehicule.

Iie (Jap.) : Lit. "no" (unless the question was phrased positively, then it's "yes"). See Hai.

In Country (Mil.) : Any 3rd world shit-hole assignment.

Indie : Of or relating to anyone/thing independent, underground or self-employed.

Info Bro : Information broker.

Infobahn (Net) : Pretentious name for the net.

Injun Country/Territory : 1) Any enemy-controlled area. 2) Any of the NAN lands, highly insulting.

Input : Girlfriend, female companion.

Inquisition : The Cyberpsycho Squad of any police force (not the Night City street gang known as the Inquisitors).

Insertion (Mil.) : The delivery of a team near or to its operational area.

Instant Cave : Explosives. Also see chemical persuasion.

Instant Foxholes, box of (Mil.) : A case of hand grenades.

Intel : Useful information.

Inverse Vandalism : Making things because you can. "Why did you write SoulKiller in the first place ?" "Because I could".

Involuntary Dismount : To crash a bike or motorcycle.

Iron : Usually weapons, but can also refer to vehicles.

Irritainment (Net) : Something that is supposed to be engaging, but turns out to be really annoying.

ISSV : (Ger) An acronym for "Internationaler Stadtkrieg Sport Verein". Lit. International Urban Combat Sport ("Brawl") Union.

IV (Med.) : Intravenous.


Jack : 1) Jack In or enter cyberspace. Jack Out or leave cyberspace. 2) A DNI connection (usually in the skull) for a cyberdeck. 3) Money. 4) To hold up or rob someone.

Jack-in-the-Box : A portable programmable device designed to display phoney fingerprints.

Jacked : 1) Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on enhanced by cyberwear. 2) To be connected to cyberspace, a rigged vehicle/security system or a simsense playback unit.

Jacked[-in] : 1) To be connected to cyberspace, a rigged vehicle/security system, or a simsense playback unit. 2) Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on enhanced by cyberwear.

Jackhammer : An MRAM chip that incapacitates the user, either through constant pain, pleasure or some other excessive stimulation. Most chips of this type include locks which prevent them from being removed without a key or special command. All types are black market devices.

Jackpoint : Any physical location that provides access to the Matrix.

Jake : 1) A homosexual prostitute. 2) A hustler (both uses are derogatory).

Jam : 1) To fight or run away, as in "let's jam !". 2) To have sex.

Jam Hole (Brit.) : Hiding place.

Jamming : 1) Having sex. 2) Moshing heavily in a band. 3) Being involved in a paramilitary operation involving a large amount of flying bullets and shrapnel.

Jander : To walk in a casual or arrogant manner, to strut.

Jazzed : Equipped with reflex-enhancing cyberware.

Jerry's Kids : Disparaging term for any individual who exhibits signs of a mental or physical handicap, usually applied to mildly retarded homeless people.

Jihyo (Jap.) : Lit. a "letter of resignation".

Jink (Rig.) : To maneuver violently to avoid a threat.

Jock, Jockey : A person with technical skills of a high order (e.g. deckjockey, deltajock, panzerjock).

Johnson : See Mr. Johnson.

Jones : Retro-1950s term for an addiction or expensive habit.

JoyBoy/JoyGirl : Prostitute.

Joytoy : A prostitute who has been cybernetically modified or sculpted to match the specifications of the user.

Juggler : A specialized type of decker who jacks-in primarily to role-play/compete on the Matrix's Game-Grids.

Juice a Brick (Media) : To recharge the big, heavy NiCad batteries used in portable video cameras. "You better start juicing those bricks, we've got a long shoot tomorrow".

Juvie/Juve : 1) Street slang for anything relating to a juvenile. 2) A legal minor, eg. anyone under 18-years-old.


Kack : To murder someone. Kill.

Kambu Atsukai (Jap.) : Lit. "low-level executives", ie. sararimen.

Kamikaze (Jap.) : Lit. "divine wind". 1) Any suicide pilot. 2) A taxi driver. 3) A tailored amphetamine combat drug.

Kawaru (Jap.) : Lit. "to alter", a derogatory term for metahumans.

KED (Med.) : Kendrick Extrication Device. A portable head, neck, and back brace, frequently used by EMTs to minimize spinal injury while removing a victim from an auto wreck.

Keeping Up with the Villiers : To maintain a state-of-the-art or cutting edge tech-level. From Fuchi Corp's CEO.

Keiretsu (Jap.) : A cartel or conglomerate where the suppliers are owned by the same group as the manufacturers. For example, an automotive keiretsu might include a mining company (iron supplier), a tire company, an electronics firm, a foundry, the actual auto manufacturer, and a series of auto dealerships. Each company would be separately owned, but all would be part of the same keiretsu (note that a keiretsu is always a zaibatsu, but a zaibatsu is not always a keiretsu). See also Zaibatsu.

Khorosho (Rus.) : Good. OK. Fine.

Kibble Card : Government food ration card.

Kick Artist (Crim.) : Street slang for a person hired to threaten or beat up someone, but not to kill them.

Killing Baby Seals : Attacking a significantly inferior (basically defenseless) opponent.

Killzone (Mil.) : 1) The body areas where a weapon will kill its target. 2) The maximum destruction area of an ambush site.

Kink : A particularly difficult security measure or trap; adj. kinked.

Kink Bomb : A type of small cranial bomb, designed to specifically destroy a specific part of the head, eg. headware memory, data filters, vision, hearing or motor-control centers (cf. cranial nuke).

Kittycat Run : A drek run, so named when a Johnson had a group of runners rescue a kidnapped feline.

Klepto : A thief or prowler; adj. kleptoid.

Kludge : A makeshift or temporary solution to a problem, usually sloppy, inefficient and working for all the wrong reasons.

Knife Bullets : Armor piercing ammunition.

Knife Fight in a Phone Booth (Rig.) : Close-in, slow-speed aerial dogfight with a nimble adversary. Often just called a "knife-fight".

Know, The : Knowledge or information.

Kobun (Jap.) : A member of a Yakuza clan.

Kodak Courage : An extra dose of (usually foolhardy) daring brought on by being filmed or photographed (ie. "Look ! No hands !" BAM ! "Look. No head").

Konban Wa (Jap.) : Lit. "good evening".

Konnichi Wa (Jap.) : Lit. "good afternoon".

Kranston Maneuver : To become spacesick to the point of vomiting. See, SAS.

Krovvy (Rus.) : Lit. "bloody".

Kun (Jap.) : Lit. a familiar, almost paternal, name suffix/form of address.

Kuromaku (Jap.) : A fixer. Lit. "one who arranges". From the operator of puppets who stands behind a black stage.

Kuso shite shinezo ! (Jap.) : Die shitting ! (not a nice thing to say...).


Landing Hot (Mil.) : A fast landing under hostile fire or in a damaged vehicle.

Latch Jockey : Digital hardware designer.

LAV (Mil.) : Any hovercraft or GEV. From the acronym, "Low-Altitude Vehicle". See also, panzer and thunderbird.

LD 50/30 : (Lethal dose 50/30) The dose of radiation expected to cause death to an exposed population within 30 days to 50 percent (LD 50/30) of those exposed. Typically, the LD 50/30 is in the range from 400 to 450 rem received over a very short period of time.

Leash : A corporate safeguard implanted into an employee to ensure loyalty and continued service. Cortex bombs and sabotaged chipware are common examples.

Lector : Complimentary term used by boostergang members about a non-gang member when impressed by that individuals ability to perform acts of extreme violence.

Leech : Street-doc or med-tech, particularly one that is expensive or unreliable.

LEN (Net) : Light Emitting Neuron. Used to refer to the result of some exceptionally nasty lethal programs. 'Then the Liche hit Fred and bam, LEN's everywhere !'

LEO : 1) Low Earth Orbit. 2) Law Enforcement Organization.

LER (Net) : Light Emitting Resistor. Another 'dead hardware' phrase.

Let the Smoke Out (Net) : Fry hardware. See Blue Smoke.

Letterbomb (Net) : A type of anti-personnel program that activates when read.

Light Up (Mil.) : To shoot at (eg. "Frag !! Cops !! Light 'em up !!").

Like kicking dead whales down the beach : Any slow and disgusting job or process.

Liquefier, liquidizer : Any weapon capable of inflicting obscene amounts of damage to the human body, particularly automatic shotguns.

Liquid Knuckles : Any powerful chemical akin to Mace; including Mace-XII and certain neurostun variants.

Lizard Brain : A cold, calculating, unemotional person, somebody always running in pure floating point mode (eg. Mr. Spock from the 20-Cen Trek videos).

Lo-Tek's : 1) Originally a Denver street-gang, now taken to mean any urbanite who adopts a low technology lifestyle. 2) Derogatory term for poor individuals who are unable to afford the day-to-day technological benefits of modern society, and either use cast-off, jury-rigged versions of common high tech equipment or they do without.

Lolly Pop : See LP.

Loose Change (Med.) : A dangling limb in need of amputation.

Lost the Bubble (Rig.) : Got confused or forgot what was happening.

Loud Peddle (Rig.) : Throttle or accelerator. ("Hit the loud peddle and let's get out of here !")

LP (LEO) : Licensed (legal) Prostitute. AKA "Lolly Pop".

LTG : Lit. Local Telecommunications Grid, ie. a grid covering a small area, such as a neighborhood, city, or an office building (cf. RTG and PLTG).

Lunchmeat : Of or relating to the remains of any unarmored person hit by heavy weapons. Also hamburger.

Lurker : A decker who only sneaks into systems to look around, never taking anything.

LZ (Mil.) : An abbreviation for Landing Zone. Also drop zone or DZ.


M&M : A derogatory term for a fixer or go-between. From middle-man.

Mad Minute (Mil.) : A brief period of indiscriminate automatic weapons fire.

Mad Turtle (Mil.) : Combat aviator slang for anti-aircraft ground armor.

Maglev : Shorthand term for a magnetic levitation train.

Make a deposit [in the body bank] : To die.

Malf : Malfunction.

Marionette : A meat puppet.

Marley : A complementary term, often applied musical performances (eg. "a Marley of a concert"). See Harry.

MASH (Mil.) : Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

MAST (Med.) : Military Anti-Shock Trousers. Inflatable pants that can be placed on the victim and inflated to force blood back into the upper body, thus helping to reduce shock by blood lose.

Matchbox : A sleep cube or coffin.

Matrix Run : A session spent interfaced to a cyberdeck (eg. jacked-in) and exploring the Matrix, usually while invading a corp database.

Matrix, The : Another term for cyberspace, the consensual, V.R. hallucination of the world-wide computer network, its systems, icons and sites.

Max-Tac (LEO) : A MAXimum force TACtical division, eg. C-SWAT.

MBT (Mil.) : Main Battle Tank.

McJob (Corp) : A generic term for the endless stream of low-pay, low-brain, no-future jobs available to the hordes of over-educated young people entering the job market.

Meat (Net) : 1) Decker slang for the physical body, un-cybered flesh or anything else undesirable. 2) A decker curse-word, equivalent to "drek !".

Meat Bop Parts : Vat grown replacement body parts.

Meat Puppet : A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled while "working", usually with a puppet chip.

Meat Rack : A house of ill repute.

Meat-Lover : See Haunted; also, a full conversion cyborg who has a regard for non-enhanced life/spends most of time with non-full conversion cyborgs.

Meat-Space : Decker slang for the physical world, ie. the opposite of cyberspace.

Meatball : One augmented with grafted muscle implants.

Meatboy/girl : See Fleshie.

Meathead : See Fleshie.

Meatworld : Decker slang referring to the physical world.

Mechanic : See cleaner.

Medico : The heavily armored, non-offensive, biotech position on an urban brawl team.

Mega, Megacorp : Large (global or extra-planetary) corporation.

Mentat : Brainy individual, specifically one who will stare at a problem without moving for a while and come up with an answer without doing any apparent intermediate steps (like writing things down).

Metalhead : 1) Individual with a fully mechanical body - a full 'Borg. 2) A heavy metal fan.

Metro, the : Of or relating to the subway or underground.

Mezzed : To be so attentive or involved in something or someone as to be totally oblivious to one's own surroundings. Mesmerized.

MI (Med.) : Myocardial Infarction.

Microsoft : Any data- knowledge- or skillsoft.

Midair Passenger Exchange (Rig.) : Grim air-traffic-controller speak for a head-on collision. Midair passenger exchanges are quickly followed by aluminum rain.

Middle-Man : A street term for a fixer or go-between. Also, middle, 3Man and M&M.

Mierda (Spn.) : A Spanish equivalent to drek.

MIL-INT (Mil.) : 1) An abbreviation for MILitary INTelligence. 2) Anything inherently oxymoronic.

Mil-Spec : Meeting military specifications, usually used to indicate that the piece of hardware is incredibly robust and usually expensive.

Mileetsya (Rus.) : Corruption of the Russian pronunciation of "Militia", typically used in reference to corporate security or the military.

Milking mice (Corp) : Expending a large effort for a disproportionately small return.

Mira (Mex.) : Lit. "Look" (third person singular); (ie. "Hey, mira. Who's Snow-White ?")

Mnemonic : Someone who uses a brain implant as an electronic vault, eg. protected headware memory.

Moddy : A personality module. A cyber-data chip which allows the user to assume (and become totally submerged in) the personality of another person (real or fictional).

Mojo : Street slang for narcotics, especially morphine derivatives.

Molly Guard (Net) : Something that keeps you from accidentally hitting the Big Red Switch. Named after an early programmers daughter.

Mongolian Hordes Technique : The act of assuming that a large number of inexperienced people can accomplish a task as well (or better) than a small number of skilled ones. A popular management philosophy and the very embodiment of Brook's Law ("Adding manpower to a late project makes it later").

Monkey : The business term for an expendable person (see also Scratch Monkey).

Monkey Trick : A job in which a monkey is not expected to survive intact.

Moray (Aq.) : Any Corp, esp. a visiting corp on a platform.

Morningstar (Mil.) : Generic term for incendiary or fragmentation grenades or devices, particularly white phosphorus.

Motorhead : A rigger or mechanic.

Mouse Around : To explore in a very low profile manner (e.g. "Let's mouse around the perimeter and see if we can find a way in").

Mouse Potato : The online and interactive-TV generation's answer to the couch potato.

Mozambique Drill (Mil.) : A highly efficient method of neutralizing a single opponent, using a firearm. The sequence consists of two shots placed in the center of mass (upper torso) as rapidly as possible, followed by briefly assessing the opponent. If the opponent is still a potential threat, a third shot, placed in the "occular-cranial cavity" (the bridge of the nose, between the eyes), is fired.

MPCP : Decker shorthand for a cyberdeck's master operating system. Lit. "Master Persona Control Program".

Mr. Johnson : Any anonymous employer or corporate agent.

Mr. Name : A Mr. Johnson who's identity one threatens to remember.

Mr. Who : (Also "The Who") label for an employer or person of higher authority.

MRAM : Modular Random Access Memory chip. Provides synthetic skills not based on physical activity, like Electronics or Cyberdeck Design.

MRI (Med.) : Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Mudgirl (Vul.) : Airborne rigger slang for a female non-flyer.

Mule : Someone who smuggles contraband on their person.

Multi-mediocrity : Boring, poorly done DVD-ROMs (or any other multimedia platform). (Heard on NPR).

Muscle Boy/Girl : Someone with enhanced strength or muscle grafts.

Mushi (Jap.) : Lit. "a computer glitch".

Muzak-Man : Derogatory term for a rocker who has sold out to an entertainment corporation (syn. : "synth-soul" or "castrato").

Muzzleneck : 1) A heavy weapons or rifle specialist. 2) Anyone with a rifle slung over his/her shoulder (ie. "You take out the sniper, I'll cap the two muzzlenecks").

MVA (Med.) : Motor Vehicle Accident.

My Fun Meter is Pegged (Rig.) : Sarcastic comment for, "I am NOT enjoying this".


Naked : See running naked.

Nano-tech : The science responsible for cyberware. Lit. "one step beyond micro-technology".

Nanofortnight (Net) : 1.2 milliseconds.

Nav (Aq.) : A course, map or chart, also; location, as in "What's our Nav ?"

NCA (Mil.) : National Command Authority. Specifically, the President or someone in his absence with the authority to deploy military forces or release nuclear weapons.

NCIC 2020 (LEO) : National Crime Information Center. Replaced the old NCIC in 2015.

Near-True : Moderately- to heavily-augmented human without full-body conversion.

Neg : A slang term meaning, "no" or "negative", as in, "neg on that, chummer".

Neh (Jap.) : A word appended to the end of Japanese sentences, meaning "...right ?" or " it not so ?".

Nerdlings : Immature nerds, implying inconsequential, generally annoying. Pejorative term.

Nerk : Any agent or official of the National Emergengy Resource Control Council (under the Provisional US government), ie. the guys with the kibble cards.

Nerps : An overly-advertised, 21th-century painkiller/wonder drug/happy-pill/placebo.

Nervewires : Cybernetic reflex enhancements, normally Wired Reflexes.

Net Spider (Net) : Anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time in the net, moving constantly from one BBS to the next. Usually well-known (and considered annoying) by other BBS users.

Net, The : Another (more archaic) term for the Matrix or cyberspace.

NetFet : Net Fetishist. Derogatory term for a netrunner who can only relate to life in the Net.

NetNerd : Someone who spends more time in the matrix than in the real world.

Netrun : A session spent interfaced to a cyberdeck and exploring the matrix (cyberspace), usually in the course of invading a corporate database.

Netrunner : A decker, not necessarily implying illegal activities. See also Deckjockey.

Netspeak : The unofficial lingo of deckers, whose "dialects" can vary greatly from RTG to RTG.

Neurowires : Reflex-enhancing cyberware, primarily head and spine based systems.

New-Ones : A slang term for Nuyen, as in "she gave you fifty new-ones".

Newbie : A slang term for New or inexperienced to a field. Also used as a derogatory reference to certain less-than-professional runners.

NewTek : An item or device exhibiting the very latest technological advances.

NIMBY : ("NIM-bee") One who is in favor of an unpleasant or dangerous action, so long as it occurs elsewhere. From acronym, "Not In My BackYard".

NIMQ : (pronounced "nihm-kyoo") "Not in My Queue". Said in response to suggestions to take on additional tasks or projects when you're already overwhelmed. Similar to the more common "It's not my job".

Nine : A pistol (from 9 mm).

Ninja : A freelance assassin.

No Bic (Viet.) : I don't understand. See Bic.

No Doubt : A way of agreeing without really listening.

Node : A specific subsystem or part of a host, usually characterized by a distinct virtual landscape.

NOE (Rig.) : Nap-Of-the-Earth flying. Flying as low as possible (literally, following the terrain) to avoid detection.

Noisy Run (Mil.) : 1) A high profile shadowrun, designed to attract (otherwise, unwanted) attention. 2) A tactical diversion. See tailchaser.

Nostril Shot (Media) : Unflattering footage of a subject.

Not-So-Smart Bomb : Derogatory reference to a human suicide bomber. See also "Clothing by DuPont".

NPVA : No Practical Vertical Application, someone useful only for sex.

Nuclear Hopscotch : As hopscotch but the sensors are linked to deathtraps or non-passive intruder detection devices.

Nuke (Net) : Seriously destroy a system and all attached devices.

Nukegake (Jap.) : Lit. a warrior who sneaks out from camp to attack the enemy solo, thus gaining personal honor.

Null Persp : A slang expression meaning, "no problem", "all right" or "affirmative". From the archaic expression, "no sweat".

Nutrisoy : Cheap processed food product derived from soybeans, fortified with most essential vitamins.

Nuyen : The world standard of currency, used for Japanese foreign markets.


O Sign (Med.) : The letter 'O', as formed by a patient's gaping mouth.

O2 (Med.) : Oxygen.

OD (Med.) : Overdose.

Ohayo Gozaimsu (Jap.) : Lit. "good morning".

Ohnosecond (Net) : The amount of time it takes to realize that you've done something you didn't want to do, after you've already done it and it's too late to change your mind.

Olly : A particularly dangerous form of Samurai, who threatens his friends and associates.

Omae (Jap.) : Lit. "you" (informal). A familiar form of address, see : chummer.

On (Brit.) : Fashionable. (eg. "That's very on !")

One and Twenty, the : The twenty-first century.

Oo'zhas (Rus.) : Lit. awful, terrible.

Open-Collar Workers : People who work at home or telecommute.

Operative (Mil.) : A corporate term for one who performs covert operations, eg. a company man.

Ops : The abbreviated form of "operations", normally refering to a dangerous or paramility activity.

Orange Suit : See Radcal Suit.

Orbit (Thr.) : Term used by surfers who make long, wide circles to burn off speed.

Organitskaya, Organizatsia (Rus.) : The Russian Mob.

Organleg : To sell illegal, second-hand, body parts to a Body Bank. From, "bootleg", v.t. organlegging.

Organlegger : Street slang for one who deals in illegal body parts.

Otaku : A child with the natural ability to run in the Matrix, without a cyberdeck.

Out There : Strange, weird ("Frak ! That dude was really out there !").

Output : Boyfriend, male companion.

Outrigger : The motorcycle riding, non-offensive position on an urban brawl team.

Overcook : To go too fast.

Oyabun (Jap.) : The head of a Yakuza clan (lit. "parent of high status").


Paint (Mil.) : To highlight or illuminate a target, normally with a laser sight or electronic tracking system.

Paint Monkey (Media) : Someone with a less-than-glamorous entry-level computer graphics job. A paint monkey may spend months on a nanosecond of digitized film footage, painting mattes or doing monotonous touch-ups.

Painting the Cat : Response to the question "What are you doing ?" when it should be completely obvious.

Panic Mechanic : A psychiatrist, mental health therapist or other professional whose supposed task is to relieve the pressures of stress in urban society.

Panic Merchants (Corp) : Businesses, media outlets, and morality groups that make their living by capitalizing on common fears and anxieties. AIDS, escalating crime, ecological degradation, porn on the Internet and antisocial rap lyrics are some of the fears exploited by panic merchants.

Panther Co : Any large bag used in a futile attempt to conceal an assault cannon.

Panzer : Any ground-effect or hovercraft combat vehicle. See, GEV.

Panzerjock(ey) : An expert panzer operator.

Paper Weight (Net) : A really light piece of dead hardware. See Boat Anchor.

Paranoid : Someone who has all the facts.

Parraquiano (Spn.) : Lit. "a patron".

Party Lights (LEO) : The flashing lightbar on top of a police car. See also Ski Rack.

PASGT (Mil.) : Personal Armor System, Ground Troops. The technical classification given to modern military protective equipment, such as current standard issue Kevlar "Fritz" helmets.

Paydata : Datafile worth money on the black market.

Paygrounds : Indoor pay-to-play kid parks such as Discovery Zone. Substitute for the now mostly extinct public playgrounds that previous generations used for free.

PEBIAC (Net) : Problem Exists Between Interface and Chair. Tech. Support slang for "It's the users fault".

Peep : To look at (eg. "Yo, peep the tourists !").

Percussive Maintenance : The fine art of whacking the crap out of a machine or device to get it working again.

Peripherals : 1) A person's entourage. 2) Bodyguards. 3) A person's date, especially if primarily for image. Also perfs.

PERL (Med.) : Pupils Equal and Reactive to Light. An immediate check done on trauma victims to determine whether any cranial trauma has occurred which might have impaired brain function.

Permalancer : A permanent freelancer. A person hired on a per-project basis who lives a benefits-free existence.

Perp : Perpetrator. A criminal or suspected criminal.

Persona : A personal Matrix icon. See avatar.

Pervo : A freakish-looking individual.

PET (Med.) : Positron Emission Tomography. A method used to examine neural activity in the brain, by building a computerized 3-D model of electrical activity.

Pet Goldfish (Solo) : A favorite weapon or other item which may not actually represent the best example of that device (eg. "That Sternmeyer jams a lot, but it's Stinger's Pet Goldfish, so don't dis it to his face").

Pet the Cat : Any maneuver that requires a crouch and constant, extended arm movement to maintain one's balance.

Peter Pan (LEO) : The act of committing suicide by leaping to one's death from a high place (eg. "We had him cornered, until he did a Peter Pan out that 42nd floor window").

Peter Panning (Media) : The process of reattaching a shadow to an object in a graphics application such as Photoshop. Named after the boy who asked Wendy to sew his shadow back on.

Petrol Bombed : A slang term describing someone who has been insulted by a number of people simultaneously without being able to respond effectively. "Shoulda seen this guy get petrol bombed by these posers...". Believed to have sprung up after a 20-Cen term "flaming" reached popular usage.

Pharming (Tech) : Short for pharmaceutical farming. The process of genetically engineering crops to protect them or their consumers from disease. For example, researchers at Texas A&M and Tulane University have genetically altered potatoes to include antigenic material from E. coli bacteria, one cause of diarrhea. Theoretically, such potatoes could both feed people in developing countries and vaccinate them against E. coli.

Phreaking (Net) : The art and science of making free phone and net calls.

Pig-Rig : A police car.

Pigs and Rice : Generic term for humanitarian supplies, usually for a under-developed and currently disaster-stricken part of the world.

Pinkskin (Vul.) : A rural-dwelling white or non-Amerind, who affects a low-tech lifestyle.

Pinky Cheater (Med.) : Latex finger cover used in gynecological and proctological examinations.

Pix : Any primarily-visual based media or multimedia.

Plank (Thr.) : Surfer term for a skateboard.

Plastic Gangster : A person with a great deal of cyberware.

Plex : An abbreviation for a metropolitan complex or "metroplex".

Plonker (Brit.) : A foolish person, idiot or moron.

PLR : A cyberdeck plug-in, designed to negate the effects of black ICE. From the acronym, "Phase-Loop Recourser".

PLTG : Lit. Private Local Telecommunications Grid, ie. any LTG-sized grid which the general public cannot access (cf. RTG).

Plug (Corp) : Term for either a temp worker or a new addition to a work staff, who covers work overflow. "He's a plug for Jean until she gets back in June".

Plug-and-Play (Corp) : A new hire who doesn't need any training. "The new guy, John, is great. He's totally plug-and-play".

Pod : A business partner or associate, from the shortening of the word, "pod'ner".

Podlings : A pejorative term for particularly immature variations of the pods.

Pods : People who are very much alike in thought, behavior, and appearance. Pejorative term. Also Podlings - particularly immature variations of the Pods.

POETS Day (Brit.) : A slang term for Friday. POET is an acronym for "Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday".

Poli : A policlub or a policlub member.

Polymer One-shot : A cheap line of polymer plastic, non-reloadable handguns. Very inexpensive, and very unreliable, they come in a variety of colors. Also called, a poly-1.

Pond, The (Aq.) : Underwater. NuSCUBA depths.

Pony : A low-level streetdealer, lower on the social scale than a Fixer. Origin : from a pony's ability to carry, but possibly also from London slang : pony = 20 pounds. Ponies very rarely sell expensive items.

Pop (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate.

Popper : Pop-up weaponry concealed in a cyberlimb.

Popsicle : A body (or more often a corpse) frozen in suspended animation or cryosleep, as often found in spacewrecks, also corpsicle. See, hibernation.

Porky : Someone who loves or collects weapons, and is usually bristling with them (from "porcupine").

Poser : 1) A person who pretends to be something they are not, especially through surgery. 2) A posergang member.

Poser Gang : Any gang whose members all adopt a specific look or style.

Post Time : Time to start, to get going (from horse racing slang).

Power Puke (Rig.) : Projectile vomiting, a symptom of extreme airsickness.

Prang (Rig.) : To bump, crunch or break an aircraft/vehicle.

Pregnant : An excuse given by (female) runners when they go into hiding for long periods of time, typically preceded by an apparent death.

Principal (Solo) : Body guard term for the individual being protected.

Priority Interrupt (Net) : Something in the real world forcing you to stop running, usually trivial things like gunfights, the imminent shelling of your position or your building being on fire.

Priyatel (Rus.) : Lit. "chummer".

Probe (Mil.) : A tentative assault designed to evaluate the strength of the opposition force.

Professional Casualty (Solo) : Usually refers to a mercenary who is considered by the unit or the employer to be expendable.

Progs, Proggies : A derogatory term for an agent or official of the Provisional Government of the U.S. See, nerks.

Prole : 1) A derogatory term for any lower class individual, usually a non-citizen, ie. SINless. 2) Street scum.

Psych Engineer : Slang term for a psychiatrist or other "head doctor".

Pucker Factor : Degree of fear or apprehension.

Puerco (Spn.) : Lit. "pig".

Pulling Glass (Tech) : Laying down fiber-optic cable.

Punch : 1) To force one's way into a protected system. 2) To enter commands on a cyberdeck. Also to punch deck.

Puppet : 1) An illegal cut-out chip that turns off most of the conscious mind, commonly fitted to prostitutes. 2) See Meat Puppet.

Puppet Gang : Any gang controlled by a corporation.

Puppet Parlor : A house of ill-repute, ie. populated by meat puppets.

Pure Chrome : A full conversion cyborg. Most commonly used by full conversion cyborgs with low empathy as an adjective for themselves.

Pure Metal : See Pure Chrome.

Put up the Dog Ears : Listen VERY carefully.

Puta (Spn.) : Lit. "whore".

Puter 'Buser (Net) : Short for Computer Abuser. All underground programmers and runners.

PZ (Mil.) : An extraction site. Lit. a "Pickup Zone". Also, a called an RV.


Q (Media) : A celebrity's recognizability quotient.

Q Sign (Med.) : A patient giving the 'O' sign with his tongue hanging out.

Quaker : Samurai slang for missiles or rockets (cf. thumper).

Queen of Hearts : 1) Street slang for "true love" or what passes for it in the sprawl. 2) Getting lucky, as in, "I drew a queen of hearts last night" (cf. Ace of Spades).

Query (Net) : This is a general term for any type of signal either sent by or directed towards a cybernetic trode, jack or uplink jack.


R&P : Gang slang for engaging in an activity with excessive force or violence. From, "Rape & Pillage".

Rabbit (LEO) : Flee, run away. (ie. "Watch it ! He's going to rabbit on us !")

Rack : Bed, bunk.

Rad : 1) Shorthand for radiation. 2) A dose or measurement of radiation.

Radcal Suit : Positive-pressure biohazard suit with a battery-powered air supply. For use in fieldwork with extreme airborne biohazards. Also known as an Orange Suit.

Rainbow File : The research and development data of a company.

Rak off (Vul.) : Go away !

Rak or Rakkie (Vul.) : 1) A jerk. 2) A suburbanite.

Rakking (Vul.) : Of or relating to being useless.

Raku : An abbreviation, often derogatory, for Renraku Control Systems or any of its employees/assets/holdings.

Rakusho-dayo ! (Jap.) : Lit. "No problem !"

Ram : Decker slang for personality, ie. a cyberdeck's persona program modules. From, "Random-Access Memory".

Ramjammer : A decker, more often a juggler, addicted to violent confrontations in the Matrix.

Rat-Lab : Prisons in the Provisional U.S., where prisoners are used as experimental subjects for medical research, cyberware development, chemical warfare tests, etc. Most consider a sentence to a rat lab to be no different than a death sentence.

Ray-Ban Mode : Samurai slang for wearing shades.

Razor[boy/girl/gal/guy/etc] : 1) Heavily cybered samurai or other muscle-for-hire (cf. gillette). 2) A person who uses various bladed implant weapons.

Read you 5 by 5 : Communications Protocols meaning "I read you loud and clear". Used to let the sender know how well you are receiving them. The first number was how loud the line was (5 being the best) and the second number was how free of static and other line noise.

Real Estate Appraisal : Checking out attractive members of the opposite sex.

Reality Junkie : Addicts to Virtual Reality, Braindance, the Net or video games. See, vidiot.

Reason : 1) A slang name for a minigun. 2) A railgun.

Reconfig : To kill or die in a particularly messy fashion, usually with a knife or blade.

Recycling : The "environmentally friendly" act of killing someone and taking the corpse to a body bank.

Red Book (Net) : Originally a Manual on the PostScript page description language, now a generic term referring to any low-level computer manual.

Reduce : Slang for physical violence (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down your screamer or I'll reduce your face !"). See also packing, spindling, stomping, etc.

Reduction : The act of reducing something or someone.

Reflex Chip : See Apter.

REMF (Mil.) : Rear-Echelon Mother Fucker. Someone who gives orders for a hazardous task, while they remain in a safe location.

Rents : Street slang for parents.

Rhodesian Ready (Mil.) : A common method of carrying a rifle (or other long-arm) in a relaxed, semi-vigilant posture, with the stock tucked under the armpit and the muzzle forward. While this posture does not offer as quick a response as some others, it is well-suited for long patrols in that it is less fatiguing on the arms.

Rigger : A specialized type of deckjockey who is an expert at cybernetic link-up to, and control of, a machine (typically a vehicle or building security system).

Rigging : To jack into and control a security system or vehicle, becoming one with it.

Right (Brit.) : Real, extreme. (eg. "E's a right bastard, an' no mistake !")

Rimbo : A gun-toting sex kitten (ie. a "Rambo bimbo").

Rimm Job : A bogus academic study masquerading as legitimate science. Named after Marty Rimm, author of the dubious "cyberporn" study from Carnegie Mellon University that Time magazine gullibly took as gospel.

Rin Tin Tin : A security guard dog, often used to mean, electrocur.

Riph (Net) : Short for peripheral.

Ripperdoc : A surgeon who specializes in implanting illegal or unregistered cyberware.

Rippers : A slang term for hand razors.

Roach Whacker (Net) : A program that performs some useful, but not terribly important, function.

Road Map (Med.) : Injuries incurred by going through a car windshield face first.

Road Rash (Thr.) : Any wound associated with unintentional momentum reduction induced by contact with pavement.

Rock : To kick or punch someone violently, especially in the head. Derived from the Jailhouse Rock fighting style.

Rock & Roll (Mil.) : A term for firing a weapon (often, from the hip, ie. in a guitar-like stance) with the selector on full automatic.

Rocker, Rockerboy/girl : Any musician or stage performer who uses their art to make political or social statements. As opposed to "Rockstars" who are "owned" by recording companies or other corps and are apolitical.

Rockstar : A (typically, apolitical) musician or stage performer, who is "owned" by a recording company or corp.

ROE (Mil.) : A samurai term for the specific conditions of a particular contract. From, "Rules Of Engagement".

Rogue : An AI which has "escaped" from it's node in cyberspace and is no longer under human control.

Rogue Hunter : A netrunner who tracks down and captures (or eliminates) rogues.

Roid : 1) A slang term for a steroid. 2) A derm.

Roll Up (Mil.) : To capture.

Ronin : A freelance assassin or mercenary. Usually considered to be untrustworthy.

Rooters (Med.) : Indigents and hangers-on who gather in big-city emergency rooms in order to be entertained by legitimate cases.

Rotate : 1) To return home at the end of a tour of duty. 2) Leave (eg. "Let's rotate outta here !").

Rowr ? : An expression of incomprehension.

RTFM (Net) : Read the Fucking Manual. The usual response when someone asks you a really stupid question for which they could have easily looked up the answer.

RTG : Lit. Regional Telecommunications Grid, ie. the largest type of grid, which is made up of numerous LTG's & PLTG's, often covering entire countries.

RTO (Mil.) : Radio Telephone Operator. The radioman in a team.

Run up on : To rob by means of a sneak attack.

Running Naked : To enter the Matrix without a cyberdeck, using a program carrier.

Running the Line (Rig.) : To carry contraband from one location to another.

RV (Mil.) : 1) A RendezVous point. Also a pickup zone or PZ. 2) Slang for an APC. From "Recreational Vehicle".


Sacrificial Host (Net) : A computer server placed outside an organization's Internet firewall to provide a service that might otherwise compromise the local net's security.

Sagans (Net) : Billyuns and billyuns... From the 20th century science advocate Carl Sagan. (eg. "The datafort was surrounded by sagans of black ice icons !")

Salmon Day : The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed in the end.

Samurai (Jap.) : A mercenary or muscle for hire. The term implies an honor code (syn. : Street samurai).

San (Jap.) : A respectful form of address or title. Lit. "Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir or Madam".

SAN : The icon connection between host computers and grids, in any combination, eg. host-host, host-grid, or grid-grid. From the UMSC abbreviation, "System Access Node".

Sand : Phonetic pronunciation of the phrase "S-and-D", for "Search and Destroy". To sand someone or something is to locate and severely damage them or it.

Sanitize : To remove all identifying marks, eg. fingerprints or tatoos.

Sarariman (Jap.) : A corporate employee. From the Pidgin-English pronounciation of "salaryman".

Sardine : A soldier wearing Powered Armor.

SAS : A term for spacesickness. From the acronym, "Space Adaptation Syndrome".

Scenery (Corp) : Members of the Board of Directors chosen for their unblemished reputations in order to make an otherwise shaky company look good.

School(ing) : People hanging out, working together or otherwise acting in close association.

Scout : Any of the four, lightly armored, offensive positions on an urban brawl team.

Scratch : Street slang for money.

Scratch and Sniff (Med.) : A gynecological examination.

Scratch Monkey : (Obsc. hacker ref.) Any expendable substitute used in place of a more valuable item, on the off chance that it might be damaged or destroyed (see Monkey, Monkey trick).

Scream-Stick or Screamer-Stick : A credstick or other ID that triggers computer alarms if used. Also, called a screamer.

Screamer : 1) Slang for mouth (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down your screamer !" 2) Something fast, sleek, and sexy, used as an expression of admiration (e.g. "She/He/It's a real screamer !") 3)Somebody who screams a lot while being reduced 4) Somebody who screams a lot while being tightly interfaced. 5) Credstick (or card) or other ID that triggers computer alarms if used.

Screamsheet : Fax-type hardcopy newspapers, available by-the-page from street corner dispensers, especially one catering to non-issues of the minute (e.g. USA Today, National Enquirer).

Scrip : A form of money used by various corporations world-wide. Scrip can be used to buy and sell various items made by the corporation but is illegal for anyone outside of the corporation to own. There is a thriving underground market for various types of scrips. Also corpscript.

Scrod : A derogatory term for a squatter, street urchin or street-rat.

Scroll, the : 1) The constant, unremitting, and overwhelming barrage of information absorbed by everyone in modern society from the modern media, from cyberspace feed, from the grapevine, and from any other means we have of tuning in to the world state. (E.g. we find out about the latest war in the Middle East, the latest hardware, the latest vaporware from The Scroll.) 2) The term used to describe the messages, bulletins, and other data daily being produced and scrolled off various cyberspace systems.

Sculpted System : A Matrix host with detailed, non-standard iconography, usually encompassing a particular metaphor.

Seaweed (Aq.) : Anyone annoying or useless, esp. scientists and biotechs.

Seoul Man : A member of a Seoulpa Ring.

Seoulpa Ring : A small (often Korean) criminal gang with web-like connections to others like it.

Seppuku (Jap.) : Lit. the traditional, ritual, Japanese suicide. Also harakiri.

Severe : Bad. Also, anyone with an unusually bizarre appearance or just the ability to look extremely mean when needed.

Shadowriders : The unofficial, Lone Star, elite cadres, who've made SINless shadowrunners their special jurisdiction.

Shadowrun : Any movement, action or series of such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasi-legal.

Shadows, the : The quasi-criminal world of freelance shadowrunners.

Shag : 1) To bamboozle, cheat or trick. 2) To have sex, especially without emotion.

Shaikujin (Jap.) : Lit. "a member of society". 1) An honest citizen. 2) A corporate employee.

Shakatu (Jap.) : Lit. "company house".

Shake : To search a place surreptitiously.

Shank : To stab.

Sharp End (Mil.) : Slang for enemy territory. See, AO.

Shell : A full-conversion borg body, typically one built to accept an Interchangeable Biopod option. This term is most often used by such cyborgs (eg. : "I think I'll take the Enforcer shell today").

Shirt : A white-collar worker, usually a low level corporate employee.

Shoe (Mil.) : A mercenary slang term for a fake credstick or identification.

Shoemaker (Mil.) : A mercenary slang term for a producer of fake credsticks or identification (ie. shoes).

Short-circ : See Fuse.

Shortwire : To burn out, flame out, splash down and generally crash mentally.

Shotgun : The front passenger seat of a car or truck; riding next to the driver.

Shredder : A minigun or auto-cannon.

Shut Down : To shut up, used as an exclamation (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down !")

Shutter Trouble (Rig.) : To fall asleep (as in "can't keep your eyes open") (eg. "He ran off the road. Must of had shutter trouble").

Sidecar (Net) : A peripheral that hooks to the side of your computer in its own little box.

Sidewalk Outline : A recently deceased person or to one who expected to die soon. The reference is to the chalk outline drawn around a dead body at a murder scene by the police.

Sidewalk Souffle (Med.) : A patient who has fallen from a building.

Sign here : Used to inform someone that they have made a terminal mistake or that they are doomed.

Silly Putty (Mil.) : Plastic explosive.

SimSense : A simulated sensory broadcast or recording of another person's experiences. See, ASIST.

SimStim : A simulated stimulation of the senses, usually through a DNI connection or a BTL chip.

SIN : Single (or System) Identification Number. An ID number unique to each citizen. Many streetpeople (nomads, derelicts) are said to be "SINless", i.e. without a SIN. This makes them unknown (non-existent) to the system. It allows them to move about in society more freely than a "recorded" citizen, but also allows the enforcers of society (police and corp. security) to punish/abuse them without due process since, technically, they "do not exist".

SIN Card : A registered citizens universal ID card. It functions as a combination ID card, driver's license, medical data, organ donor, residence, and ATM card, all in one. Losing this card can have serious side effects for the owner.

SINless : The "unofficial class" of non-citizens, ie. those without SIN's. See Blank.

SINner : 1) An honest citizen, ie. one who has a SIN. 2) A corporate employee.

SitRep (Mil.) : Situation report.

Skagman : A dealer in illegal wire or chips.

Skank : Derogatory term for an unattractive person, usually a female.

Skat : A gross-looking individual.

Skeinsuit : A near-frictionless bodyweave/catsuit, used for maneuvering through tight places, such as ventilation ducts.

Skeleton : All the collected electronic records kept on an individual; their electronic identity.

Ski Rack (LEO) : The flashing lightbar on top of a police car. See also Party Lights.

Skillsoft : Memory on a chip, accessible through a chipjack. Normally a knowsoft, linguasoft, datasoft or activesoft. See Apter or Biosoft.

Skin Paint : An object of individual whose presence is known, but who is unidentified. From Air Traffic Control, Skin Paint is an object that is being painted by Radar, but is not emitting a transponder identification signal in response (eg. "Then some skin paint walked into the store and Joe capped him").

Skirt : An ordinary (defenseless) person, be it male or female (cf. U2C).

Skitch (Thr.) : To hold on to a moving automobile to get a free ride across part of town or up a hill. An amalgam of "skate" and "hitch" (ie. "I skitched a ride downtown on a Mercedes this morning").

Skiv : To rob on the street.

Skrag : 1) To kill, to "off". 2) To destroy.

Skyball : A satellite (usually surveillance).

Slam : To assault or beat up (e.g. "Let's go slam some 'dorphers").

Slam it (Vul.) : Generic expletive (syn. : kiss off, up yours).

Slammit On : 1) To get violent. 2) To attack someone without reason.

Slap Patch : A designer drug "band-ade", which releases its chemical contents into the skin via osmosis. See, derm.

Slave : 1) Of or relating to a corporate employee. 2) Specifically, a wage- or data-slave.

Sleeper (Mil.) : A slang term for any potential operative, who's kept on tap for future use.

Slice : 1) A credit card. 2) An electric-powered racing cycle.

Slice n' dice : A mono-filament cyberweapon, usually mounted in the tip of a finger, which is used as a garrotte or whip. It will cut through almost all organic material and most plastics.

Slicer : One who ride a slice.

Slicer-Dicer Gang : A thriller gang.

Slicks : A slang term for Teflon-coated bullets, ie. primitive armor piercing.

Slicksuit : See skeinsuit.

Slip-up List (Mil.) : A methodical collection of possible mistakes that could occur during a shadowrun operation (cf. kink).

Slipping : Being careless.

Slit (Vul.) : A slang term for a female.

Slitch (Vul.) : Another slang term for a female.

Slot : 1) Mild curse word (i.e. "Slot THIS, chummer !"). 2) To plug a moddy or daddy into a DNI (i.e. to use a skillsoft). 3) To have sex.

Slot and run : Hurry up, get to the point, move it.

Smart : Any device which has been augmented to interface with a user via cyberware; usually applies to weapons or vehicles.

Smart Seats : The seats found in VR entertainment venues that are equipped with motion bases and wired to respond to actions on the computer screen.

Smoke (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate.

Smoking Hole (Rig.) : What an aircraft leaves in the ground when it crashes.

Smudge : Pronunciation of the acronym SMG (SubMachineGun); thus, a submachinegun.

Snag (Brit.) : To arrest.

Sneeze : To let go of all a craft's hard kill weapons (missiles, torpedoes, what have you) at once, normally in an escape or last-breath effort.

So ka (Jap.) : I understand, I get it.

Soap (Cov.) : Nickname for the truth drug Sodium Pentothal, written shorthand as "So-Pe" and hence pronounced as "soap". It has come to more generically refer to any truth drug.

Social Engineering (Net) : To try and get computer access codes and other useful information by fast-talking them out of the operators of a system.

Softie : See Fleshie.

Solar Wind : Literally, hot air, ie. anything that is "so much bulldrek".

Solo : A mercenary who works the streets. A "for-hire" combat specialist. Used as bodyguards, assassins, and soldiers, individually or in groups.

Somethin' I don't have to stick in my fraggin' head : A common response to a drug dealers' "whadda ya need ?"-line, indicating 'non-cybernetic pleasures'.

SOP (Mil.) : Any set of standing orders, used when commo is compromised. From "Standard Operating Procedures".

SOTA : Anything new or wizzer. From acronym, "State of the Art".

Soykaf : A generic name for any ersatz coffee substitute made from soybeans.

Space (Aq.) : Deep dive or Hardshell dive depths.

Spam (Net) : To transmit huge, unwanted amounts of irrelevant data across the net, mostly to destinations that would have no possible use for it.

Spam-in-a-Can : See Canned Meat (1); more often applied to full-conversion cyborgs with Interchangeable Biopods.

Spare Parts : 1) A corpse. 2) Any vat-grown or donated body-part (wheather by choice or not).

Sphincter Factor : A level of disgust, nervousness or fear (usually on a scale of 1 to 10). Also called, the pucker factor.

Spill : To spend money.

Spit Jockey : An on-camera (video) news reader, anchor, host. Also called, a talking head.

Splash : To shoot down (eg. to splash an idea or "Splash that bastard !").

Splat Job : A dead body, usually messy. Also sometimes used to describe a person (or persons) who are "cannon fodder" and are not expected to live much longer.

SplatMaster : Generic term for any paintball-type air pistol. Formerly a trademarked name.

Sprawl : 1) A huge metropolitan area, usually consisting of several merged mega-cities, covered a large portion of a landmass. 2) The prone position the bronze order perps to assume. 3) To fraternize below one's social level.

Sprawling : A corporate pass-time, involving visiting dangerous areas of town, with minimal protection. From slumming.

Sprung : Crazy.

Squared Away (Mil.) : Wise, experienced, in control.

Squat : Of or relating to any low-class housing.

Squatter : An impoverished citizen, one step up from being homeless, but just barely.

SQUID (Mil.) : A Navy "Superconducting QUantum Interference Devices", able to read headware memory.

Squid (Aq.) : Military personnel, also; derogatory term for a C-dee.

Squirt the Bird (Media) : To transmit a signal up to a a satellite. "Crew and talent are ready... what time do we squirt the bird ?"

Squishie : See Fleshie.

Squito : A seoulpa ring, also seoulpa 'squito (ie. numerous, small, quick, & hard to pin down, like mosquitos).

Stack : To save money.

Stall (Thr.) : When you jump up on an object, hold still for a couple of seconds, and then jump off.

State of the Art : (aka SOTA) 1) The state of being on the cutting edge, usually technologically. 2) To be "hipper than hip".

Steel-collar Worker (Corp) : Assembly-line robots.

Stepford : Android-like. From "The Stepford Wives", a 1970s film about a bunch of robotic hausfraus in the suburbs. Stepfordification.

Stick-Throttle Interconnect (Rig.) : Mock-technical term for a pilot/driver.

Sticky Beak (Aus.) : An Australian colloquialism for any annoying, inquisitive person.

Stoked : A totally intense feeling that you just did (or are about to do) something awesome.

Straightener : A less than affectionate form of address for a psychiatrist. Aka "shrink".

Straphangers : Derogatory term for commuters.

Streak : To run naked in the Matrix.

Streaker : A decker who prefers to streak.

Street Doc : A ripperdoc who performs emergency wound surgery as well.

Street Samurai : A samurai who works for gangs, mobsters or him/herself.

Street, The : 1) The Underground or Black Market. 2) The sub-culture. 3) The place where you live late at night.

Streetmeat : A term for people not equiped to survive on the streets : hicks, sprawling suits or involuntary meat puppets.

Streetname : A nickname, handle or working name by which one it known by on the streets.

Stress Puppy : A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny.

Stringer (Cov.) : A freelance agent or operative, who owes no permanent allegiance to any organization.

Structure Hit : A sabotage shadowrun intended to do costly or time-consuming structural damage to a target.

Stud : A slang term for anyone (or the state of being) jacked-into a machine, other than a cyberdeck. See Jack.

Studding : Rigging or remote control of a vehicle.

Stuffit : 1) To have sex. 2) To forget about something.

Stuka : A slang term for diving, as in "he did a stuka into the pool" or "he stukad underneath the table".

Stunning : A sarcastic reference to anyone or anything mind-bogglingly stupid.

Stylin' : Looking or performing in an exceptionally outstanding fashion.

Sucker Pockets (Crim.) : Pockets on the outside of a garment, easily accessible by pickpockets.

Suit : A straight citizen, usually a corporate employee.

Sumimasen (Jap.) : I am sorry or "excuse me".

Surfer (Thr.) : What thrashers call each other.

Surprise Party : Street samurai slang for an ambush or unexpected reinforcements. What your opponents are likely to get if you break your Trauma Team card during a firefight.

Suss : To solve a problem, figure out something, understand.

Svoluch (Rus.) : 1) Derogatory term for someone with honor. 2) A bastard.

Swag : A commodity, usually a datafile, worth money on the black market. See paydata.

Swarm : Any large nomad convoy.

SWAT : Special Weapons And Tactics.

Sweedack : Concurrence or "I agree". From the French Canadian "Je suis d'accord".

Sweet (Rig.) : Nice; Up and working.

Swiss (Brit.) : Expensive.

Synth-soul : See Muzak-Man.

Synthespian (Media) : Synthetic actor. Used in 3-D computer animation to describe sophisticated human forms that can be imported into a virtual world. Also "electronic puppets", "dolls" or "vactors".

Syrette (Med.) : Collapsible tube of morphine attached to a hypodermic needle. The contents of the tube were injected by squeezing it like a toothpaste tube.

System Identification Number : See SIN.

System Overstress : See biosystem overstress.


Tag : 1) Name, handle or trademark. 2) To grab or take something. 3) To mark distinctively.

Tag Team : A (usually corporate-sponsored) gang whose fights with other Tag Teams are covered by the vid networks as a commercial combat sport.

Tagged : 1) Recognized. 2) Of or relating to any equipment or cyberware containing a tracking device. 3) Equipped with a tracking device.

Tailchaser : A high profile or noisy shadowrun to retrieve false or planted info, thus proving the info's validity.

Taking on Space : Sure it doesn't actually happen, but this is a hull breech on a space craft. As in "we're taking on space".

Taking Sake : To work for Japanese business (or more often criminal) concerns.

Talking Head : See Spit Jockey.

Tango Uniform (Rig.) : Polite phonetics for "tits up"; broken, not functioning.

Tanj ! : A mild expletive decrying "the unfairness of it all". From the acronym, "There Ain't No Justice !"

Tank : From "walking tank": any full-conversion borg intended for heavy combat/warfare (eg. IE's Dragoon).

Tanstaafl ! : An abbreviation for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" meaning, "ya gotta pay as ya go".

Tapdance : See Floor Routine.

Tape the Gerbil : To study hard. (eg. "Man, I really had to tape the gerbil to knock out that perimeter security !")

Taxi Driver : A street slang term for the combat drug Kamikaze, and others.

Taxilingua : The language spoken exclusively by cab drivers, rumored to have been originally based on English.

Tchort (Rus.) : Literally "Devil". A common expletive.

Team : A pejorative term for a gang.

Teamster : A pejorative term for a gang member.

Technical Penetration (Mil.) : The act of gathering information through mechanical or electronic means.

Technician : A corporate slang term for a professional hit-man.

Techno Scum : A personally very unpleasant, but technically brilliant individual.

Tek : 1) An item of a highly technical nature. 2) A technician of any kind.

Telecomm : A telephone, normally incorporating both video and audio communication. Also comm.

Tenorio (Spn.) : Lit. "a ladykiller".

Teotwawki : (TE-oh-t'-WA(w)-kee) An abbreviation for "The end of the world as we know it".

Term : 1) Short for "terminal", as in "computer terminal" or "data terminal". 2) Friend or trusted person.

Thank you, Captain Obvious : Thanks for telling me something I found out on my own or already knew (eg. "It looks like your pen isn't working". "Thank you, Captain Obvious").

Thirdman : Another slang term for a fixer.

Thrasher : Yet another slang term for one who delves into hard, slamming music.

Three-Vee : A 3-dimension projection system which has superceded the television as the primary form of information delivery. Also 3-V, holovision, trid.

Thriller : Of or relating to a thriller gang, its members or its actions.

Thriller Gang : A type of street gang, specializing in random violence and thrill killing (see also go-gang).

Throttle Back (Rig.) : To slow down, take it easy.

Throwback : Derogatory term for an exotic.

Thumper : A samurai slang term for a grenade, commonly but not always concussional in nature.

Thunderbird (Mil.) : A generic term for any hovercraft, vector thrust or low-altitude vehicle. See, GEV, LAV and panzer.

TIA (Med.) : Transient Ischemic Attack (mini-stroke).

Tiger (Net) : A military netrunner.

Tiger Team : Street slang for (usually, military) deckers, who test Matrix security through attempted system penetrations.

Tight : To be best friends.

Tight Interfacing : To have sex.

Tin Can : A suit of Powered Armor.

Tip : A token credchip; a very small amount of money.

Tong (Chi.) : The traditional Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Yakuza.

Tortoise : A decker term for someone running in the Matrix with a (slow) terminal.

Toss (LEO) : To surreptitiously enter and search a location (ie. "We tossed Nicks condo, but didn't find the papers").

Tourista (Gang) : A stranger; anyone not recognized in the 'hood.

Towntalk : A hybrid street language, not part of any formal group. See also city speak.

Trash Run (Corp) : See Garbage Detail.

Tri-Dee : See ThreeVee.

Trid : An abbreviation of "trideo", the three-dimensional successor to video.

Trix : Decker shorthand for the Matrix.

Trixter : A shorthand term for a decker, ie. one who plays in the Matrix.

Trode Net : A simsense "headband" that allows person without a datajack to access the matrix. From, elecTRODE NETwork (cf. hitcher jacks).

Trog : Short for troglodyte. A derogatory term meant to indicate that an individual is subhuman or extremely ugly or misshapen.

Trolls : Street term for older gay men who cruise the streets at night in search of young male companionship.

True Borg : See Pure Chrome. Often shortened to "True".

Truefaker : See Fullfaker.

Tuning Up (LEO) : The street term for the act of beating a prisoner/captive to elicit a confession.

Turtle : See, tortoise.

TV Parking : Finding a parking space right in front of where you want to be. A phenomenon that only happens in TV shows.

Twenty-Cent : Of or relating to something from the twentieth century. Also 20-Cen.

Twinkie : A naive, defenseless, vulnerable or otherwise useless person.

Twitch : A careless, scatterbrained or otherwise unreliable individual.

Twitchers : Taser and, by extension, any electricity-based weapon.

Two Pot Screamer (Aus.) : Someone who can't hold their liquor.


U-cord : 1) Of or pretaining to anything "uncoordinated". 2) A playful or familiar cut-down or "slam", used among friends.

U2C : Gang slang for a pedestrian. From the abbreviation for, "Upright, Uptight Citizen".

UCM (LEO) : Also known as "Low Ready", this stands for "Uniform Cover Mode" and is the position a police officer would hold their sidearm while assessing a target or scanning for threats. The sidearm is held in both hands (in a Weaver, Chapman or Isoseles stance) with the barrel pointed approximately 30 degrees below horizontal.

UF Hard : Lit. "Un-Frag me Hard !" To need relief from pain very quickly by any means available, be it healing or life-threatening drug doses.

UMS : An abbreviation for "Universal Matrix Standards", the official "default" set of Matrix icons.

UMSC : The "Universal Matrix Standards Consortium", ie. those who decided how the Matrix would look.

Under the Paint (GoGang) : The act of hunching down on a motorcycle's gas tank to reduce wind resistance.

Underware : A slang term for form-fitting body armor. Also, funderwear.

Undocumented Feature (Net) : A bug.

Uninstalled : 1) Euphemism for being fired. 2) Killed.

USAF (Mil.) : US Air Force.

USAMRIID (Mil.) : U.S. Army Military Research Institute on Infectious Diseases.

User Hostile (Net) : An interface that is incredibly annoying or difficult to use.

User Interface : A tongue-in-cheek term for anything used to snort, inject, or otherwise apply drugs.

User Obseqeous (Net) : An interface that patronizes and limits you.


V-fib (Med.) : Ventricular Fibrilation. A condition in which the heart no longer beats rhythmically, but rather convulse in an arhythmic fashion.

Valerie : A female ganger, from the Valkeries, a Detroit based all-female go-gang.

Valkyrie : An assault helicopter or hover vehicle in attack mode. Believed to be derived from a 20-Cen vid, "Apocalypse Now".

Valuta (Rus.) : Literally "foreign currency". Refers to any hard currency, either electronic (cards, sticks) or scrip.

Vap (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate. From "vaporize".

Vatjob : 1) A person with extensive cyber- or bioware replacement. From the time spent in a nutrient-fluid vat. 2) Organic enhancement by means of vat-grown tissue or muscle.

Veg, Veggy (Med.) : A patient requiring intensive care, incapable of movement.

Very : Hip term for "cool" or "in". Alternately, may be used derisively, ie. "Oh, how very", as in "big deal".

VICAP (LEO) : Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. An FBI program designed to facilitate cooperation, communication, and coordination between law enforcement agencies and provide support in their efforts to investigate, identify, track, apprehend, and prosecute violent serial offenders.

Vidflick : Any flatscreen form of entertainment or predecessor to holographic projection, eg. old style TV or movies.

Vidiot : A Virtual Reality or video game addict.

VITAS : An abbreviation for Virally Inducted Toxic Allergy Syndrome. The 2010+ version of the Bubonic Plague.

Voice Novel : A voice-mail message that goes on forever.

Voomer : See Boomer 2.

VRcade : A Virtual Reality, Braindance, and/or video game arcade or parlor.

VTOL (Mil.) : Vertical Take-Off and Landing, Tilt-Wing, Osprey.


Wageslave : A low-level or non-ambitious, corporate employee. See Shirt.

Wakarimasu-ka ? (Jap.) : Lit. "Do you understand ?"

Wakatta (Jap.) : Lit. "All right, I understand".

Waldoes : A common term for any set of remote-controlled mechanical arms, as used in factories and toxin handeling.

Wannabe : A derogatory term denouncing the subject as a "want-to-be-but-you're-not-good-enough", eg. Solo-wannabe, Corp-wannabe, (cf. poser).

Wannabe Fleshie : See Gemini. Mostly used as an insult by undisguised full conversion cyborgs (also Wannabe Softie, Wannabe Squishie).

Wannabe True : 1) A more derogatory version of Near-True. 2) Someone wearing Assisted Combat Personal Armour (see Fullfaker).

Watch-over : A surveillance shadowrun.

Water Burner : A fusion power plant or any craft that uses fusion. Stems from those power plants you can refuel with water.

Wavy : A hip term meaning cool or smooth.

Wax (Mil.) : To kill or assassinate.

Wearing color : Usually associated with streetgangs, to wear clothing with colors or designs which identify you with a specific gang.

Weefle : An inexperienced decker.

West Coast turnarounds (Rig.) : Benzedrine, Speed. So-called because a driver could (theoretically) take these and drive from the East Coast to the West Coast, turn around, and drive back to the East Coast without stopping to sleep.

Wetfoot (Aq.) : Someone who's never been underwater.

Wetware : 1) Human augmentation mechanisms based on biochemical methods. E.g. biochemical processors, custom crafted DNA, custom biological tissue, brain implants/grafts, mind/body altering drugs (rare). As opposed to hardware which is based on artificial, physics based methods, e.g. chips. 2) Slang for cyber-augmentation of skills or other mental functions. 3) The human brain (a backhanded reference to normal organic thought processes). 4) Any original body organ.

Wetwork : Assassination. Murder.

WGASA : Pronounced "wig-assa", it stands for "Who Gives A Shit Anyhow ?

Whack : To kill.

Whacked (Vul.) : Of or relating to the state of being either "high" or insane.

Whacking Roaches (Net) : Wasting time. Remember that most 'runners live in cheap housing. Also, debugging, but usually meaning eliminating bugs that are annoying, but not life-threatening.

Whale (Aq.) : A Corporation.

Whirlpool (Aq.) : Chaotic environment, as in "I can't do anything in this Whirlpool !".

White IC : A passive, defensive, IC program, primarily concerned with tagging & locating a perp's cyberdeck.

Widowmaker : A praiseworthy term for an artist, coined from the east coast assassin with 100+ kills (cf. ferryman).

Wigly : Weird or different. Usually referring to a good drug trip.

Wilson : A decker insult, meaning an idiot or a wannabe, as in "you stoopid fraggin' Wilson".

Winchester (Mil.) : Navy. Out of ammo.

Window (Solo) : A narrow interval of opportunity.

Wire Boy/Girl : A decker slang term for another decker.

Wired : Equipped with cyberware, especially increased reflexes.

Wirehead : 1) Someone addicted to computers or electronic communication (e.g. a person who would rather hack then eat or have sex). 2) Someone addicted to electric stimulation directly applied to the pleasure centers of the brain, i.e. simsense abuser. 3) Anyone with a datajack or chipjack.

Wiz : Very impressive.

Wizard : A slang term meaning, "great", "wonderful" or "excellent".

Wizzer : A hip term meaning, "great", "fantastic", "terrific", etc. Also wiz.

Wolver : Of or relating to hand spurs.

WOMBAT : Waste of Money, Brains, And Time.

Word, the : The latest gossip or rumors on the street.

Wormboy (Vul.) : A phallic reference to a newbie solo who makes mistakes at the wrong time. As in, "Nice shot, wormboy ! Yer mama teach you that ?".

Wysiwyg : ("Wizzy-wig") Lit. "no nonsense". From the acronym, "What You See Is What You Get".


X-Heads (Mil.) : Street samurai slang for cross-cut bullets, eg. dum-dums.

Xin Loi (Viet.) : A Vietnamese idiom meaning "Sorry about that" (pronounced "Zin LOY").


Yak : Yakuza. Either a clan member or a clan itself.

Yard Sale : A horrendous crash or fall that scatters your gear all over the ground as if on display for sale.

Yardstick (Rig.) : Mileage markers alongside a highway, so-called because they are about one yard tall.

YODA : Young Opinionated Directionless Artiste. An arts major or related hanger-on who lingers in coffeehouses spewing strong opinions and perennial wisdom without doing much to make a difference.

Yoko : A sell out or traitor.

Yono (Kor.) : A person who is scum or a low life. (From the Korean "Yonomoseki").

Yubitsume (Jap.) : The ritual Yakuza act of slicing the joint off the little finger to atone for a mistake.


Zaibatsu (Jap.) : Lit. "a megacorporation". See also keretsu.

Zen : A Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation.

Zero : 1) See Blank. 2) To delete or destroy a piece of software. 3) To kill someone. 4) A slang term for 00:00, ie. midnight (from zero-hour).

Zondancing : A aggressive or domineering form of dance, in which the dancer tries to persuade the other dancers within his zone, by charisma, talent or violence, to conform to his movements.

Zone : An abbreviation of combat zone.

Zoned : Of or relating to being : 1) Drunk. 2) Out of it. 3) Unconscious.

Zoned Residential : Pregnant.

Zonies : Of or relating to an armed security patrol or any of its members.